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The first death of a United States resident with swine flu. Is DHS Janet Napolitano responsible?

Homeland Security 100-Day Progress Report - Janet Napolitano

In the first 100 days of President Obama’s administration, Secretary Janet Napolitano has begun charting a bold and ambitious new course for the Department of Homeland Security.

This new vision involves five major priorities for the Department – counterterrorism,

securing our borders,

smart and tough enforcement of our immigration laws,

improving preparedness, response, and recovery from natural disasters, and maturing and unifying the Department – as well as sweeping Department-wide reforms that are transforming the Department of Homeland Security into a smarter, leaner, more effective agency.

McALLEN, Texas – Texas health officials have confirmed the first death of a United States resident with swine flu.

Department of Homeland Security;

There are no border restrictions in effect.

Well, it looks like Napolitano is responsible for the dead of this woman.

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    No. You seem breathtakingly uninformed about the role governments have historically played where disease prevention is concerned. Think sewage systems, vaccine programs, disease mitigation and prevention programs and research.

    Source(s): The History of Western Civilization
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    Nope not even a little. They over hyped this virus so Obama could be seen as quick acting and doing everything better than Bush. The thing is viruses like this have always been about as bad a regular flu. It is horrible to have deaths, but the CDC expects 36,000 US deaths per year from the regular flu. So Obama has emergency egg on his face for crying wolf. His cronies aren't very good at doing homework. Tax cheats and morons in power, we are so proud.

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    I think you're overlooking something....

    When news of the Swine Flu broke, we did not have a head of Health and Human Services (HHS) because Republicans in Congress had been holding up her nomination for over six weeks. The problem was that Sebelius is pro-life, but she supports the right of other women to make the same decision for themselves. In other words... she's pro-life, but not pro-life enough for Republicans in Congress because she won't force her own pro-life views on everyone else.

    Therefore, I believe that an equally credible argument (not much of a reach actually) can be made that stubborn 'pro-life' Republicans are to blame for deaths from the Swine Flu. See how that works??

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    Janet Reno II

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    You are being extreme. Hundreds of people die from the flu every year, 65 children alone in '07-'08.

    No one is responsible.

    Why are you angry?

    Deep breaths! Its o.k.!

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    Even though I think Napolitano is a complete idiot, one death means nothing.

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    Yes. She got in a plane, flew to Texas, got out of her plane, walked up to someone, and forced that person to drink down a container of swine flu virus.

    It's all her fault.

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    <<<Well, it looks like Napolitano is responsible for the dead of this woman>>>

    I see the dumbing down of America is continuing in spite of the prezidents "no idiot left behind" program.

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    Well Were we supposed to tell American Parents that their Teenage Spingbreakers could not come home from Cancun?

    That we left our American Kids down in Mexico with this swine flu and the Obama Administration left them down there to catch it and die and He didn't care??

    What about all the Americans who brought it back here?

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    Why not blame Bush? He knew the borders were wide open when he entered office, and when he invented his Patriot Act.

    Oh, never mind. It's Obama's fault.

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