T- Mobile Phone and dealing with putting music on them.?

My mom has the cord to plug the pone into the computer. The only thing is that she don't know how to get music into her T- Mobile. I have Frostwire and all is that helpful? And do I need like a chip to put music on there? Just tell me what I need to do to get music on my T- Mobile.

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    Why are you keep repeating T-mobile T-mobile. You don't need any T-mobile to get some music to your phone.

    I personally just put microSD into my PC and upload whatever i want. But as i understand you don't have a microSD or anything like this? But you have a wire? The only thing you have to do is plug a wire in your phone and PC and the PC should find your phone as a flash drive or something like that. If it doesn't, than your windows version doesn't have the drivers for your phone and you have to download all drivers from the website -manufacturer of your phone.

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    depends on what phone you have. my blackberry pearl came witha disk that i had to install and came with a music player where i had to BUY music seperatly from that store. Frostwire wont help in this situation sorry :( for more questions though, call 611 for customer support. theyll help you with all your questions!and i believe its free to call.. :]

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    commonly there are 2 procedures a minimum of that would want to truly help you're making it. one way: once you've a memory card on your cellular telephone, you in basic terms favor plug your memory card into the computer, then replica and paste each and each and every of the musics you want out of your pc for your memory card. Then unplug your memory card and positioned it into your cellular telephone. at very last, once you open you cellular telephone, you could replica and paste your musics from memory card for your cellular telephone or in basic terms play musics making use of your memory card on your cellular telephone. any incorrect way: use USB wire to marvelous your pc and cellular telephone wisely, then you could move your musics from pc to cellular telephone. some telephone vendors can assist you cellular telephone connect with interent wisely in case you pay for it. There are also another procedures. for example, making use of on line e mail to deliver e mail with music attachment for your cellular telephone

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