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what are some of the main reason's somalia is the way it is?

from what i have heard it has alot to do with european country's over fishing off there coast line and the dumping of nuclear waste. but i dont know a whole lot so if you could explain a little that would be great.

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    the failed politics of Somalia have left it with no functioning central government. Thus, there is no organized force to enforce laws and what laws exist are routinely ignored by those who have guns or are able to sneak.

    The overfishing off the Somali coast you refer to wasn't done by governments, afaik, but by private entrepreneurs from places as far away as Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, and other countries. Maybe European countries, too, and I suspect they're not the biggest offenders simply because they haven't the biggest fishing fleets.

    Nuclear waste, of course, has been dumped by cheats and scoundrels from multiple nations everywhere that there is little law enforcement. Computer waste, loaded with heavy metals, has also been dumped in many of the same places [I haven't heard that this has happened in Somalia, and you'd expect it.]


    Back to the prime causes of government collapse.

    Tribes and clans dominate Somalia. Education is almost unknown. Under these circumstances, people cling tightly to their little groups and refuse to believe that they'll get a fair deal from any other group. This leads to settling issues with a gun -- besides; it's a lot faster than settling an issue via the law that doesn't function.

    their future is dismal. as seems always to be the case, humans learn by doing things wrong until they almost can't make things any worse [see Haiti for another example of this] and then they, sometimes, figure out how to do something right.

    Somalia, imho, needs a government based on something almost all the people believe in that will treat everyone alike, no matter their tribe or clan. About the only candidate I see is a religious government and it'll probably be run as a dictatorship.

    What you hope for is a benevolent dictatorship based on a relatively benign ideology as opposed to a thuggish dictatorship based on greed and thirst for power over others.

    Naturally, fundamentalist Islam wants the thuggish dictatorship with itself in charge -- that won't help the situation much and is very likely to export trouble to nearby nations like Yemen.

    If the dictatorship Somalia ends up getting overplays itself and antagonizes one of the relatively more powerful neighbors, there is a real possibility of a conquest and following purge or even genocide.

    yetch -- think I need a beer.

    Source(s): i read and think -- try for non-MSM news.
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    the original area of the indigenous tribes was broken up by the invading colonist. the tribes of Somalia actually lived further north in what is now Ethiopia, or the southern portion of it.

    Somalia was a colony until 1960. at that time, the Italians left (after depleting the natural resources, and over farming the land) they elected a government, but wanted to restore the original borders, and also tribes wanted to go back to their original lands. The president was assassinated in 1970, and a war with Ethiopia started. they fought until 1979, when they basically were too broke to continue. after that, they started the gang wars and warlords fought and controlled small areas of land (something like a gang war controlling a few miles of area) the warlords started stealing and selling UN food deliveries. the UN sent in troops, and the warlords would hijack the UN vehicles and steal the weapons, and use them against the UN. this is about the time Bush the smarter sent troops to Somalia. Somalia is a prime example of how colonization has really destroyed countries in Africa.

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    The fishing thing is just their excuse. It's a corrupt, war-torn, third world country that can't get it's S**t together and never will just like most of the African continent. If it wasn't for handouts from the developed world, they'd have nothing at all but it's really their own fault.

    In the old days of what is now the civilized world, people banded together and formed cities for safety and commerce and joined with others to form larger collectives. In most African countries, the people sit around and lament the fact that they are poor but do nothing to further their way of life except to try to immigrate to Europe or America.

    I'm not being unkind or racist in the slightest. I know a lot of people who have been there on assignments with their companies and they all agree that all they want are handouts and they have no desire to pull themselves up.

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    Anarchy. That is when there is no established government. The warlords are in charge, they are the gangs with the most guns, and are willing to be the most violent. There are no police or military to stop them. The country is impoverished, they are taking what they can get. I

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    as far as pirates some of that is true other than that the southern part of Somalia has little central government and the areas are ungoverned

    per se that's not a big deal but the people there have a violent and bloody history with quite a few extremists Muslims

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    It's to Hot for normal people to live there.

    The same thing holds true in California's desert, only crazy people and drug labs are out there.

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    Clinton turned tail and ran rather than doing the hard work of stabilizing the region.

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    Forty years of warfare did them in.

    They have a lot of poor people and a few rich with heavy automatic weapons.

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    Have you seen it? The place is filled with Somalians. Does more really need to be said?

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    there is no civil law, they do not have a well established other words, how the republicans would like it..fend for yourselves ya bastads

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