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dog attacked twice by same two dogs-would you sue...?

so my husky was attacked twice in two months by the same two dogs. the owners don't seem to care as they allow their rottie to wonder around off leash. their dogs have proved to be vicious!

after the first attack my husky became nervous meeting other dogs.

the second attack cost me $300 in vet bills because of bruised ribs on my husky. he is so scared now that he won't even walk off our driveway (it has been three days since the attack)

i am going to demand they pay for the vet bill.

what else can i make them pay for?? how much would be reasonable to sue??

i can't sleep at night because i wake up constantly and have nightmares.


i've already reported it to animal control.

i was taking my dog for a walk both times (so we were on public property).

the first time the dogs pulled the owner across the road on her butt. the second time the rottie wasn't on a leash and the boxer broke his chain leash

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    Ask them to pay for vet bills, transportation expenses to the vet, lost wages from missing work while at the vet. If they refuse, sue them in small claims court. Carry pepper spray when walking your dog and blind the attackers. If the owners interfere, spray them, too. If they attack again, insist that the dogs be destroyed and call animal control twice a day until it happens.

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    because its for very little you can try and take them to small claims court but actually suing isn't worth it as you can really only sue for the vet bills and to get a lawyer would just cost way more in the long run and it would probaly go no where since dog attacks these days are common. I would also make complaint to your local animal by-law. Any dog is allowed to be off leash on there own property so once it goes off its property and its not on leash its breaking the law. Good luck and don't let it go every time those dogs are off leash and off property call animal control enough complaints and something will have to be done. Its really said for the irresponsible owners in this world that give many dogs a bad rep. Good luck

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    there are leash laws for a reason. I would call the police and get them and the local dog catcher involved. the dog catcher can take the dog into custody and charge the owner a fine for not having the dog contained. and if it happens more the fines will get more expensive and they will have to show proof that they have insurance to cover the rottie because most places require extra insurance for that and other breeds of dogs. And if they do not have the proper papers the dogs will be taken away permanently. I hope this helps. Good luck

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    You need to call the SPCA and speak with a cruelty investigator. Since it has happened more than once to you, how many others have had the same experience? They should be controlled, and if they are not, they will be removed from that home and rehabilitated to a new envoirnment, or destroyed if they are evil.

    Your poor dog!! Be patient, he will learn confidence again with your love.

    When I walk my dogs, I always carry a walking stick. I've never had to use it, but would certainly defend my dogs against attack if need be. You will also need protection should they decide to turn the attack on you.

    Source(s): I live next door to an evil dog.
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    It depends on the situation.

    Who's property were you on at the time of the occurrence?

    Your property - he can be reported

    His property - prove you were invited onto his property

    Or if you were on public property (such as a sidewalk) and your dog was on a leash while his weren't, he is at fault and can be reported.

    Call either animal control or the police department to report the incident.

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    Was this reported to the local police or animal control?

    Every incident needs to be reported in order to build a history on dangerous/potentially dangerous dogs.

    My wifes Guide dog has been attacked numerous times, and we report every one. Recently, we were able to use some of those reports to have one of the attacking dogs removed from the home of the person who owned it, and the dog is now in a foster home getting proper care and training.

    File the reports. That is the only way you can have proof if you end up in court.

    Source(s): Husband of Guide dog user, and 4-H Guide puppy raiser.
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    You can only sue them for any costs in damages..


    vet care for your dog

    medical care for any injuries you recieved as a result of the incident

    any damages the dogs did to your personal property as a result of the incident.

    You cant sue for any kind of "emotional damage" if that's what you are getting at. You can only sue for any actual damages.

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    yes, I would def Sue, I would shoot it if it attacked my dog..but can't do, call police make a report, show them the vet bills, take picture's of your pup. call a lawyer and see what you can do..but yes there are leash laws for that particular reason!

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    If you have one, call your local animal control officer. One they can keep an eye open for the attacking dogs, but they can also tell you what laws have been broken and what your rights are.

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    You can sue for the vet bills, but I doubt the judge is going to go for the "nightmare thing"

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