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Why does "green energy" cost so much?

For two years, the city of Durango, Colo., bought electricity for all its government buildings from wind farms. The City Council ended that program this year, reverting to electricity derived from coal-burning plants and saving the cash-strapped city about $45,000.

Solar cost $175 per megawatt

Wind = $91



Why does it cost so much?

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    Money is no object remember? Its all about change & doing everything different even if it bankrupts us.

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    Over a decade ago, you may have asked why anyone would buy a cell phone or CD player because they are so expensive. As a technology is more popular and purchased, the price goes down. That's just how it works.

    And even with solar panels being pricey, a homeowner can actually sell that to their local electric company because they typically generate far more than they can use.

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    The technology is relatively new, so there really are no economies of scale yet. Hence, it is more expensive to produce windfarms and solar panels. I would imagine that in the future, it would be cheaper as we understand the tech. better and can mass produce parts for solar panels, wind farms, etc.

    Green technologies are also much more sophisticated than coal technologies. For coal, you just dig it out and burn it for a lot of energy.

    Solar energy is particularly problematic because of cloudy days and such.

    We are mostly in the development stage of green energies, and we have not had any breakthroughs. There is a ton of research going into harnessing ocean currents, biomass, fungi, etc. to produce energy.

    There is also an inherent economics problem. As soon as we find green energy to alleviate our energy needs, the price of "dirty energy" like fossil fuels and coal decrease, which encourages people to go back to using dirty energy.

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    Because it isn't widespread enough and mainstream enough to bring the costs down. If we work harder on it, it will become more cost effective. We have no choice. Eventually we will run out of oil and coal. It makes sense to start developing the alternatives now.

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    The green technology isn't close to perfection yet.

    Believe me the real cost of coal (or oil) is never calculated in the expense.

    The real cost should include all the medical expenses from asthma, ephysema, black lung, etc. that taxpayers and health insurance companies (who raise premiums as a result) shell out to treat people suffering from the adverse effects of hydrocarbon exposure.

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    Because we don't have the technology at the moment for it to be economically feasible.

    Obama's policies will make the cost of energy skyrocket and he admitted that already. He also stated his policies would put the coal industry out of business. Coal provides 50% of our power.

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    Green tech jobs do not work to support a country look at Spain they have a 17% unemployment because there Gov went to so called Green Jobs .

    Most Green Tech jobs are just a tax grab from any gov.

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    cost isn't the issue, it is global warming and getting a renewable source. I happen to think global warming is fake, but if we're going to make a transition to anything, its gotta be nuclear.

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    because there are hidden costs which are absorbed by the government and public indirectly. It is not included in the above bill. .

    - oil ; Iraqi war

    - coal; Acid rains , asthma

    - nuclear; waste , security, accidents.

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    Cause it's new technology. It's worth a lot. So, you see why it's a smart idea to invest in it? Many nations in the world want the technology, many nations means lots of money.

    I don't think you get it though. You're one of those conservative type that thinks consumption is the way.

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    Don't worry, few of us can afford a $40,000 chevy volt anyway.

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