Games to play with my siberian husky puppy (14 weeks)?


i have a 14 week old male siberian husky puppy. hes really lively and enjoys wrecking the place with our lurcher. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some less destructive games for him to play with us or any simple training games etc.

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    beside's the obvious asked for a game which no one has offered. Here is a fun game my rotties LOVE to play I got this idea out of a training book.

    This will take 2 people. Take a favorite toy, treat, or a toy stuffed with a treats let your dog smell it (get him excited). Have the second person hold your dog while you go hide it. After you have hid it walk back to your dog and have the second person release him. Tell your dog "Where's your ball? (reapeat as necessary). At first you may have to show him where it is at but after a while they will find it on their own. Praise your dog when he finds it.

    Source(s): This game stimulates their brains and keeps them from being will wear them out :-) My dogs love this game.
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    A Siberian Husky that's lively? Nooo (high use of sarcasm) ...j/k

    Siberians are very smart! They need to stimulate their brain or they get bored and will become destructive.

    Whenever I have a puppy, I buy tons of raw hides. Some claim they are not good for their stomach but it keeps them busy and I've never had a problem other than occasional runny stool.

    Kongs will also keep them busy. We put baby food in them and freeze them over night.

    Good luck and many happy healthy Energetic years to come!

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    This may sound crazy but... If when he bites it hurts, yelp...make it sound like a dog when hes in pain. It will let your puppy know what your limits are, if you want you can do it every time he bites to stop the behavior. It has worked with every dog I have ever....I'm up to 8

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    Puppy classes if he isnt already in one. Kongs, tug and rope toys, LOTS of chew toys. Play outside with tennis balls, frisbees. Go for a walk, take him out to a highly populated area and let him get some socializing, etc. Practice in short sessions(2-3 mins) of basic training.... sit, down, come, etc.

    No running, biking or anything excessive until 18 months and his joints are fully formed.

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    Best thing you can do is take the dog for a walk. When he's older you might try running or using a bike but not at a young age. Play ball if he will fetch it.

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    O.M.G I bet he is like the cutest thing what you can do is play some where, wheres there's nothing to destroy and some games you can play thats not destrutive is nothing its kinda of their nature to ruin things

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    get your dog a playmate, they love that. they will wear each other out. also you could take him to the dog park, rollerblade/skateboard/ride bike with him. also frisby is good. before going on walks play catch to drain a little energy. huskies are big so he should be fine.

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