Is it true that Saurav Ganguly used to give money to Aaj Tak news channel to praise his captaincy?

Saurav Ganguly was a flop in almost 80 ODI matches continuously. But since the winning percentage in these matches was good he remained in the team. Everyone knows that 98% credit in any team's victory goes to the performance of playes. Only 2% goes to captaincy. Still Aaj Tak news channel kept praising Saurav Ganguly so highly during his flop tenure. Is it possible that Saurav Ganguly used to give money to this news channel for praising himself?

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    I don't know wat's the truth. But I agree that 98% credit in any team's victory goes to the performance of players. At International level most players can do captaincy. If Ganguly was such a great Captain but flop player, he should have been made Non playing captain. Teams win by performance of the players. Teams can win even without Captains. Captainship basically has a morale booster effect.

    I don't know wat's true but there is a very strong word of mouth going in the market that Aaj Tak and Star News are two channels on which you can get any news telecasted by paying some money.

  • Ganguly and a flop in 80 matches continously? Where do you get your statistics from? If a player performs so badly and the selectors still keep him, then don't you think the public would have reacted severely?

    Aaj Tak never praised his captaincy like you said. I don't know where you get your information from.

    If only 2% credit goes to the captain, then there is no need of such a player. The whole team can make decisions among themselves, right? Do you even know the role of a captain?

    I am not a Ganguly fan, but it pains to see such biased opinions.

    The answer to your question is a big NO. Ganguly didn't pay anyone to 'praise' him.

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    Nope i don think so.See this poor guy was thrashed by F** Buchanan and still he is in the team amazing of his caliber..He could have bought a new team itself but he doesnt want to let down Kolkata people so he is in the team without uttering any words in the captaincy of Mccullum.Poor chap tho.

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    I don't think so... he was a great captain. and only 2% is not depend on the captain... I don't know from where you guessed it..

    he was a good player too... but the politics ruined his career..

    and i think...he should say good bye to cricket now...

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    dats wat i was thinking too. Sourav is a nerd!

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