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what would happen if a person is missing from military for 6 months?


Like if they were awol

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    Like under what scenario? Like they went AWOL or someone kidnapped them..etc?

    Edit: After 24 hours they are listed as AWOL; After 30 days they are listed as a deserter, placed on the national LEIN as a deserter and wanted person, then they are DFR.

    At a future date if they are apprehended they will be turned over to military authorities who may or may not court martial them, confine them then discharge them.

    Source(s): an Army Officer 20+ years experience
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    If the person just decided not to show up where his orders told him to then whoever is in charge of his unit will try to find him. Depending on the situation they could get a article 15 which is less serious even though they may dock pay. Six months is a long time and it's more likely there would be jail time and dishonorable discharge.

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    The military would look for them. When they found the missing guy they would either

    1. Bring upon deserter/AWOL status charges against him

    2. Be confronted by a Congressman and drop all charges and discharge him

    3. Be confronted by a lawyer and drop all charges and discharge him

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    Under most circumstances one would be dropped from rolls and declared as a deserter.

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