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Robert Pattinson's new movie "Memoirs" and the production of it.?

I received a notice in my mailbox explaining how a location scout that works for the movie production agency, Wikal Productions, LLC in association with Summit Entertainment, explaining how my house fit the description of the house they are looking to shoot the new movie "Memoirs" starring Robert Pattinson in. I looked up the movie and that is legit, but when I looked up the Wikal Productions, there is no information or anything on it. There is a number for both the Locations Department and the scout who had sent the notice to us. He also stated that he would to produce all the permission permits nesscary upon request.

Has anyone else in New York or elsewhere, receive this letter too? or do you think it's most likely a scam for the simple fact that the Wikal Productions is nowhere to be found on the internet? I want to give it a shoot but I don't know how to be sure about all this.

-Thanks guys for all your time!

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    Call or contact your Better Business Bureau they can find out if its legit or not, quickly.

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