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If a scorpio boy likes you, what signs will he show?

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Best Answer
  • Greg answered 6 years ago
The fact hes a Scorpio means nothing, hes a guy if he likes you you will know. He will at least hint at it.
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  • LibraGal answered 6 years ago
    He will stare intently in your eyes :)

    Other than that, it's hard to tell....these scorpio boys are a mysterious lot. I'm still trying to figure my scorpio guy out after 9 months!!

    Good luck! :)
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  • serenity answered 6 years ago
    scorpios are very mysterious and guard their feelings closely, so he might not come out directly and tell you. He'll probably do a lot of subtle flirting and make innuendos, but just so coyly that if you were to reject him he won't feel like a fool.

    If I were you I would flirt back and be just as coy, but don't come on too strong. Scorps like a challenge, so if you lay it on too thick or make yourself too available he'll lose interest. Mostly cause a) scorps like to be in control and b) he'll think you're needy/clingy and scorps hate that!

    Scorps tend not to talk much about themselves or their feelings, so he'll probably do a lot of staring or winking (and such) and make flirtatious gestures until he knows you like him back. So if that's what he does, subtly flirt back, and he's yours! Just remember, he's going to try to keep it cool to protect his feelings. So you might actually have to be bold and make the first move once you've figured out if he likes you.

    **Forgot to mention, we hate head games or any manipulative tactics. WE cab read b***t a mile away, so if you want him to like you be yourself and be real. Otherwise you will lose him!

    Once a scorp has set their sights on someone, it's all fireworks. Have fun!


    I am a scorpio, and dated one for four years!
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  • Homie from the Show Me answered 6 years ago
    You are lucky. Scorpios are the sexiest of all signs and they don't take love or love making lightly. They are serious about most things and not one to mess around with somebody that didn't really mean something to them. If he's shown signs that he's into you he probably is. He wouldn't waste his time just to play games.
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  • jlynna10 answered 6 years ago
    Scorpios have a sexual magnetism that is off the charts. They are flirts and although may be a little insecure, you will not know it. They are often the life of the party and very fun to be around...They go thru women like they go thru underwear....unless...unless.... you hook 'em right. don't make it too easy for them, they love a little chase. Often tho, they are not only chasing one, but 10....be careful with them...
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  • ─Éiabla answered 6 years ago
    he would chase you down until he had your heart. everything he does, very passionate, honest and magnetic.


    dating one.
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  • If a scorpio boy likes you, what signs will he show?
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