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Is it really that morally wrong to find out the sex of the baby before its born?!?

Ironically somehow i got into a discussion with a stranger about how i found out the sex of all three of my babies before they were born, she said thats just horrible, and i ruined a beautiful thing and god never intended for me to know, how it should always be a surprise.. I was like what?! do you think its morally that wrong? there is no way i could wait, how would you know what to buy, we are not rich and couldnt wait till last minute and go do all the shopping... wth?! Is she crazy or do you think you should wait, and how would you then go do all the shopping with a newborn?

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    its not morally wrong. waiting is just for some people. i think if you really like the suprise thats awesome and good for you for holding out i mean you could always buy green or yellow stuff, but finding out is now ay morally wrong, if that was the case 95% of mothers would be morally wrong! lol that lady is crazy, i agree with the shopping thing. its always nice to have the pink or blue outfit at first!

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    Okay, I'm a fan of keeping it a surprise and I do think God intended for it to be a surprise, otherwise he probably would've put a window on our bellies or something (that would be a little weird...). But by no means do I think it's morally wrong to find out before the baby is born. That's ridiculous. I didn't find out with my first. I just bought neutral colors (yellow, green, beige, white, etc) and that's great because now that the second baby is on the way, we have newborn clothes that can be used, regardless of the sex. Our baby came 2 days before the shower so everyone found out it was a boy and we got lots of blue stuff in addition to the neutral clothes. It's totally possible to do without not knowing the sex of the baby but I don't think it's morally wrong if you choose to find out.

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    you can prepare if you don't know the sex. I was was active duty military and the hospital i was at did not let me know have an ultrasound other then one at 8 weeks to make sure the baby was in the right spot. I wanted to know the sex but was not allowed to.

    There are a lot of yellow and green things out there for those who don't know the sex - and you can still prepare for those children in advance.

    I would like to add that people have different believes, but to say gad wanted it to be a surprise is ludicrous. It is still a surprise at the 20 weeks when you have an ultrasound. The baby's sex is determined when the sperm meets the egg - not when the baby is pushed out.

    In some cases the sex needs to be determined because parents can carry a trait that could be male or female specific - and cause severe problems in the mother or baby.

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    It's only morally wrong if you use the information to decide to get an abortion. But if you're keeping the baby either way, it's just a matter of personal preference if you want to know.

    For me, I opted to not find out, and stocked up on basic clothes in neutral colors (cream, green, brown, yellow-- since I got a lot of organic stuff there's not a lot of color selection anyway) and then once the baby was born the gender-specific clothes started arriving from friends & family, so I haven't had to shop yet.

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  • No it is not morally wrong to find out the gender of your baby..Most people arent rich..there is no way most people could afford to go buy all the baby stuff as soon as the babys born..it would be hard to get home from the hospital when the baby is a couple days old and then go buy all the babys stuff...alot of people find out the sex of their baby and alot of people wait..its just your own preference...I want to know..I have 2 boys so far and trying for baby #3..and I get way to anxious and excited and have to know so I can start buying stuff!!

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    No I don't think it's morally wrong or anything. I have heard it's not a good idea to get an ultrasound just for that purpose though but I haven't really looked into the safety of ultrasounds so I won't comment on that in case I sound dumb. But I think it's the parents' choice if they choose to find out or leave it as a surprise...I would probably do the latter but maybe not.

    I don't really see why it's needed to go shopping...isn't most of the stuff the same regardless of gender?

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    HI people are as old fashioned about this subject as they are about other subjects and all I say to people who are like that is if the technology was around years ago when people were having babies then it would have been used like it is today and everyone would know the sex of there baby, the only reason why some people think its wrong is because people years ago didn't find out, but the thing is they couldn't find out there were no scans etc.

    Some people were saying to me that is isn't a suprise where as I was shocked at this as in my way or thinking, when I found out the sex of my baby it was a surprise I had been waiting 5 months for and there was another surprise when I gave birth as I then got to see my baby boy and what he looked like, not just one big surprise at the end.

    Plus its easier to know nowadays the sex of the baby as you can by in advance, so you don't just have to stick with one colour all the time. and what else to by your baby as you just wouldn't know.

    My mum thought it was weird knowing the sex of babies nowadays but she said she would find out if it was avalable then when she was having us as it solve a lot of problems of buying clothes and having not to run round once you have got the baby home.

    Just let people think what they want, you will get more people telling you there opinions once your baby is born, just let it wash over you and dont take thinks to heart as your the babys mum and you know what your baby needs. just take the advice you think is good advice and not listen to the niggling advice of some people

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    .__. I think the lady is just a freak. If you wanted to know the sex of YOUR children before they were born than so be it. I see nothing wrong with it. If anything its better to know ahead of time because then you can have their room done all girly or boy like before they are born and you can pick out the names way before they are born instead of just popping them out and having to name it on the spot. Its not morally wrong.

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    LOL, that is the craziest thing I have heard in long time!

    God never intended for you to know, huh? Then why did He allow ultrasound technology to be invented? It's a tool that saves lives due to its diagnostic abilities. So what if we find out a baby's sex along the way. What a nitwit that woman is!

    Last time I read the bible, nowhere is written that thou shall not find out the sex of your unborn child. People like her give all Christians a bad name.

    And, in my mind, when is having a baby ever NOT a beautiful thing? Knowing the sex beforehand does not make it a less beautiful thing! If she feels that way, it speaks volumes to me about her bizarre state of mind. It was a weird thing for her to say such things to a complete stranger anyway.

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    It is not morally wrong. But it is also possible to do everything without knowing the sex that you would normally. It is just a personal choice. I didn't want to know and had done all my shopping before my MIL messed up and ruined my surprise.

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