what do they mean with "1/100 scale model"?

i'm planing to buy a gundam 00 figure : http://www.amazon.com/Gundam-00-GN-004-Virtue-Scal...

so it was written on the details of the item that it's 1/100 scale model

so what does it mean...and one more question plZ...if i'm buying a figure...am i going to paint it and assamble it by my self or do i reseve it like ready with out me doing any thing...?? thnx

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    1/100 means that the model is 1 100th of what the real thing would be.

    Also, if you are buying a figure, it will always be a ready assembled, painted figurine unless it states that it is a model kit of a do it yourself thing. As that says model "kit", then I assume you build it yourself, especially as if shows it in the box rather than the actual figurine itself~

    If you look at the 3rd picture it gives you, then you can see it shows a picture of all the individual components of the model~

    Hope I helped ^^

  • ginder
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    3 years ago

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  • Eli
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    1 decade ago

    it means it's 1/100 the size of how big the real thing would be. So if the real Gundamn is supposed to be 100 feet tall, the model would only be 1 foot tall.

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