If the black people 40 years ago acted like the blacks of today?

Do you think most laws would of been changed, would the protests or marches had happen? Have black people today been scared into not talking about racism?

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    Your question would've made more sense if you had used the figure "50 years ago." 40 years ago it was 1969 and most of the goals of the civil rights movement had been achieved: Civil Rights act of 1964; affirmative action was implemented from '61 to '71.

    I assure you: black people today have *not* been scared into not talking about racism. Certain black co-workers of mine have been ramming it down my throat for decades. And then there's all the propaganda that the Al Sharpton's, Jesse Jackson's and Louis Farrakhan's put out.

    Alana, you made a number of false and *preposterous* statements. Its not white people who're afraid of a level playing field, its black people. Lets finish eliminating affirmative-action and make the playing field more level.

    If AA was *ever* a good idea the time for it has passed. Two full generations and part of a third have been born and come-of-age since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Am I saying that all racism ended in 1964? No, I am not: the fact that on 04 November, 2008, 97% of the black electorate voted for the demonstrably lesser-qualified black candidate proves that racism is alive and well.

    Yeah, Alana, I twisted your arm and forced you into a horrible school. I put off saving for retirement and my children's education so that I could "float" you drugs & guns. It is just *so* important to my peace-of-mind that you are drugged and armed. Its white people's fault that black people kill each other for chump-change; black people are like little children who aren't responsible for the choices that they make. Alana, you and so many ignornant, propagandized people like you are so full of S*H*I*T.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't think the Civil Rights Marches would have gained as much sympathy and support if they were all dressed in saggies and bling.

    Segregation supporters would have had a huge propaganda boast if the rates of out of wedlock births, drop out rates, and black on black crime were as high then as they are today.

    M.L.K. had asked his supporters to wear their "sunday best" so they would look as respectable as possible.

    How can anyone say that racism has not declined? We have a Black President, A Black Chairman of the Republican Party, A Black Supreme Court Justice. During Segration, illegal conspiracies to diprive Blacks of the right to vote were ignored.

    Black actors and actresses have won awards, back when "Gone with Wind" came out, the Black performers were not allowed to go to the premiere.

    Until the 1950's the Armed Forces were segregated. In the 1990's, Colin Powell was the highest ranking officer in the entire United States Army.

    During the Second World War, Blacks in Navy were only used as cooks on ships. Today they command those vessels.

    Once it was perfectly acceptable to bar blacks from joining country clubs. Today, the most celebrated golfer is Tiger Woods. Woods would be an honored guest at any country club in America.

    This list of changes could go on and on.

    If anything Black People are afraid to talk about the dysfunctional traits of some elements in their community.

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    Black people now don't see the racism that existed 40 years ago, so that is why there are no more marches and protests. What is there to protest anyway? Back then, unlike now, if you were discriminated against you couldn't sue...

    To be honest though, if black people back then acted like black people now it'd be a sad thing, because an overwhelming amount of black youth idolize ignorant rappers and try to emulate the ignorance they see on TV.

  • Emilie
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    4 years ago

    Its all different, black or white. When my husbands mother died people turned up at the funeral in shorts, colorful sundresses, sandals. And when miniskirts came in back in the sixties was the last time decorum ruled. For years I've noticed the increasing use of slang and cuss words, and not just among blacks either. So do young black women act and talk differently, well some do, but the college educated ones don't, just like with young white women, the lower class has a different way of presenting themselves than well educated ones do.

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  • alana
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    1 decade ago

    In the 60's people got caught up in social movements and it resulted in a lost generation. People don't protest anymore. Period. There are millions of things that Americans should be protesting that we just don't seem to get angry enough to care about.

    Black people are scared to talk about racism and rightfully so. Black people get murdered for talking about racism. We get marginalized for talking about racism. We are vilified for talking about racism.

    I am not afraid to protest but I don't blame the people who are. We must not forget about COINTELPRO and Dark Alliance, 4 Little Girls, the assassination of Malcolm and Martin, Assata still can not come home, neither can Mumia. The fact that people are still in jail for crimes that they obviously did not commit in the 1960's, makes me believe that there is nothing that the U.S government would not do to let us know that we are not equal and do not deserve equal rights.

    Honestly, we shouldn't even have to protest. Anybody with half a brain knows that there is something wrong with a country's laws and policies when black people are the minority everywhere but in prison. EVERYONE should be outraged. NO ONE does anything. Not even your president. Which is kind of sad since most prisoners look like him.

    If we took to the streets tomorrow white people would be enraged. We would never hear the end of it. They would be talking about how we always play the race card from now until the apocalypse. White people are afraid of a equal playing field because if they lost the advantages that they have based on their skin color they would not control this country anymore. The people in positions of power would reflect the people who live here and that terrifies them. If it didn't they would fight for equal rights themselves. So they glamorize money, put us in horrible schools, float us endless amounts of cocaine and weapons, watch us kill each other for chump change then put us in jail for it. It an ingenious way to kill a movement.

  • OGUN
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    1 decade ago

    Black people today act how they act as a result of how Black people acted 40 years ago. Many young Black people are oblivious to what real racism is. The goal of the civil rights movement was to achieve 1st class citizenship through full integration and assimilation. The plan worked and along the way we lost ourselves trying desperately to be like other people.

    edit: To sister soldier if the youth are cowards from where did they learn their cowardice from? The fact is the youth have more opportunities then ever before in US history. Don't you think our ancestors fought and took the abuse so they wouldn't have to? If the youth don't know the struggles of their ancestors and elders it's because they have been taught. Now if they can be taught how to be like the Mack or Superfly why can't they be taught to be like Malcolm X or Marcus Garvey? Who's responsibility is that?

    Edit: To Sister Soldier just so you know I didn't give you a thumbs down. I can understand your frustration. We just have to remember how important our youth are.

  • 1 decade ago

    The black people of 40 years ago had experienced a whole lot of cr*p by white society. They were justifiably angry and chose to fight back. You cannot ask how they would react today, since the whole lot of cr*p isn't so whole. It's a quarter at best. However, if white society decided to bring the unjust conditions of 1969 to this year of 2009, ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE. By any means necessary? I say by any WEAPON necessary. I'd fight to the death.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    WOW I love this question,

    Many black youth today are NOTHING like the black youth 40yrs prior.

    Most are cowards. But it's because some haven't had a hard life with regards to racism, like there grandparents (in my and some others case parents) did.

    Many take for granted what blacks fought for, well i find it funny because they keep acting like they do, it's gonna be JUST like it was 50yrs ago,

    If anyone has noticed, even though our president is black, racial incidents have gone up, racial profiling has gone up, KKK has highest recruitment in years


    lol when did i say i disagreed with you??(if that is what you think) i agree with your answer and the statement you just made towards me

  • zen
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    1 decade ago

    I think the white man would have been scared...seriously. Alot of people treated blacks very bad in that day. There were still "white only" washers at laundromats in Arkansas where my gramma lived, and I ain't talking tidy whitey underwear. The infamous, degrading N-word was still used often and openly. Black people were beaten mentally, so became docile, unassuming, and unassured. I know, I was school then. Now, today, you wouldn't get by with that crap without getting a cap in your a*s! You've come a long way baby!

  • 1 decade ago

    "Have black people today been scared into not talking about racism?" Are you kidding? That's practically the main topic of conversation today. You must not get out much or own a TV.

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