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急..!! !!!請幫幫忙好嗎..!!!>< 英文信.!!

我要寫一封英文信去一間大學.. 係想請求佢..延遲 我交一萬蚊留位費.. 因為我暫時家庭經濟有困難.. 暫時交唔到一蚊萬留位費.. 要到6月中才可以交.. 想請佢可以批准~

我唔知點寫啊.. 我未寫過這種英文信.. 台頭係咪principal?

定係點樣.. 有冇人可以幫我寫哂出黎啊..><??


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    To: XXXUniversity(大学的名字)

    123 ABC ST. XXXX(大学的地址)

    May 00, 2009 (日期)

    My name is XXX(你的名字), I am currently enroll in XXX University(大学的名字). I am in XX grade(年级) major in XXX(学系). My family is facing some financial problems therefore I will not able to pay the ten thousand dollars of the tuition fee until the middle of June. May I request to pay the tuition fee by the middle of June? I am hoping board of education of XXX University(大学的名字) may consider my petition. I am very long for hearing anything about my petition. Thank you so much that taking time to read my petition.




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    Thank you so much!!

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