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I Hate This Part(小野貓)之類這種風格的音樂好嗎????




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    野貓不只野性? 更溫馴!? The Pussycat Dolls小野貓

    I Hate This Part (抒情主打,MV史上最唯美)

    I’m Done 結束 (溫馨感人)

    Hush Hush 噓! (感人肺腑、感傷無限)

    小野貓主唱 Nicole Scherzinger妮可 舒荷辛格

    Baby Love/ Until U Love U / Rio

    小野貓甜美團員 Ashley Roberts艾希莉蘿芭絲 / Played

    美聲藍調 Brandy白蘭蒂 - Ture / Fall / Long Distance / Camouflage

    Christina Milian克莉絲汀蜜莉恩 / Us Against The World

    Danity Kane / Ooh Ahh

    Dido蒂朵 - Don't Belive In Love / White Flag / Quiet Times

    Dolores O'Riordan桃樂絲歐萊登 - Ordinary Day

    Goldfrapp冰金樂團 - 童話推薦A&E(Accident And Emergency)

    Jennifer Lopez珍妮佛洛佩茲

    Brave放膽愛 / Wrong When You're Gone我錯了而你走了

    Nu Virgos聖女天團 / Don't Ever Leave My Love

    Jennifer Hudson珍妮佛哈德森Spotlight / If This Isn't Love

    Jessica Simpson潔西卡辛普森 / I BlongTo Me

    Jordin Sparks裘汀史芭克絲

    Tattoo/ No Air / 清新推薦One Step At A Time

    Katie Melua凱蒂瑪露

    What I Miss About You / Just Like Heaven / Spider's Web

    Nine Million Bicycles / Crawling Up A Hill

    Delta Goodrem黛兒塔 Possessionless / Breathe In'Breathe Out

    Cascada凱絲凱達 / Everytime We Touch

    Carrie Underwood凱莉安德伍 Starts With Goodbye / Just A Dream / So Small

    Kelly Rowland凱莉蘿蘭 No Man No Cry / Unity

    Michelle Williams蜜雪兒威廉絲 / The Greatest

    Keyshia Cole琪夏寇兒/ Heaven Sent

    Linda Kiraly / Can't Let Go

    Ashanti亞香緹 / Struggle / The Way I Love You

    Rihanna蕾哈娜Unfaithful罪愛 / Talk A Bow/ Good Girl Gone Bad

    Samantha Jade珊曼莎潔德 / Turn Around回心轉意

    Samantha James珊曼莎 / Ris

    Adeld愛黛兒Chasing Pavements 愛情迷蹤 / Hometown Glory / Make You Feel My Love

    Alesha Dixon艾莉莎迪克森 / Breathe Slow

    Amy Pearson艾美皮爾森 Wish I Was Her / Don’t Miss You

    Shontelle Layne香黛兒 / T-Shirt

    Lesley Roy蘿伊里蘿依 Solw Goodbye / Unbeaytiful / Thinking Out Loud

    Natasha Bedingfield貝汀菲兒Pocketful Of Sunshine / Unwritten / Angel / Freckles

    Yolanda Adams尤蘭坦亞當絲 / I Believe

    Melissa Smith梅莉莎史密絲 / I Believed

    Elisa Toffoli - Dancing

    Estelle艾絲黛兒 / American Boy

    Jazmine Sullivan潔絲敏蘇莉雯

    Bust Your Windows / One Night Stand / After The Hurricane

    Jordan Pruitt喬丹波特 / In Love For A Day

    Karina Pasian卡芮娜 / Can't Find The Words

    Kat DeLuna卡迪露娜 /Feel What I Feel / Love Confusion

    Kristy Lee Cook克莉絲蒂李庫克 / 15 Minutes Of Shame

    Lenka蘭卡 / The Show

    Lisa Lavie / Angel

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    Pussycat Dolls featuring. R.Kelly-

    Out Of This Club



    David Archuleta-Crush


    Elliott Yamin-Wait For You


    Katy Perry-Thinking Of You


    Keri Hilson-Enegry


    Leona Lewis-Better In Time






    Utada Hikaru-Come Back To Me

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