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急 請高手幫我醫護翻譯,中文翻成英文..謝謝嘿





請幫我翻譯成英文 連標題都要


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    Senior citizen's of a ganophosphorus poison suicide nursing experiences

    摘要 Abstract

    This article is describes a ganophosphorus poison case treatment to grow the physiology.The psychology, nursing of experience the social impact, looks after the period is from March 29th, 2007 to April 30, 2007 by way of the observation, the discussion and carries on the acquisition of information using the Gordon 11 healthy function state appraisal,Picks the initiative concern, the observation and the discussion looks, finally discovered that the case has a person in accordance to ability being out of balance, the sleep shape disorder, anxious and so on nursing questions, provides the integrity because of author's nursing measure, the continuous nursing appraisal with looks,

    The assistance case increases looks after ability, establishes the good interpersonal relationship and the improvement life quality.

    The nursing staffs establish the relations by way of the case and the family member, provides the nursing suitable treatment in view of the nursing question, because enables the case to have the use machine phosphorus agricultural chemicals to cause the bodily injury to reduce to voluntarily lowly.

    This looks after the process, coordinates by way of the medical care personnel and the family member, to strengthen mutually to the case psychological support, the psychological impact which, because after causing it to reduce suicide case, causes, then makes the case to recover its physical and moral integrity, therefore the affiliation nurses share and the report from the experience, will look after this kind of patient as the future to look after the experience to refer.


    Key word: Ganophosphorus, suicide, senior citizen.

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