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How much is ELS per mounth?

I am looking for going to ELS in the MIchigan.

i am not stay on the host family,i choose intensive english.

Dose any one know how much is it per mounth?(inculd everything)

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    Now they have promotion.

    so no need enrolment fee.

    one month fee is US1575(4weeks)

    Material fee is US65(per 4 weeks)

    If you want to booking Dormitory , the fee is US770(per 4weeks no meal).

    About your life fee is around US1000(include food fee and some leisure fee)

    do you have US Student Visa, If you don't have visa , you need to add visa fee around US350.

    So total fee is US2760(not include life fee and ticket)

    If include life fee is around US3760.

    And about your round ticket is around NT35000-40000.

    If you have any problem, please let me know.

    please check about your mail.

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    Don't choose the accommodation of ELS , Me and my classmates all have bad experience , I can send the one of their home stay ;s picture to you if you want.....

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    >>Now they have promotion.

    >>so no need enrolment fee.

    P.S. only until end of this month! (May)

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