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I have almost mastered the ability to control and reshape my dreams.. please see the details?

I have almost mastered the ability to control and reshape my dreams.. I started out learning how to fly and not fall and then run and take off flying and then manipulate the environment and laws of physics in the dream, it feels like a dreams tests or skills to overcome became, more and more complex. I can become immortal and super hero like now, so nightmares are fun or tolerable.

However now I find myself noticing the dreams challenges are seeping into the real awake world.

That terrifies me since I can’t manipulate reality the way I could a dream.

It almost feels like this is the Level 2 of overcoming fears, the dreams were a training for learning to overcome and reshape reality by projecting the desired outcome with full confidence as fact by mental ability. This is much harder to do in the real world and scares me.

The things that I no longer fear in the dream world seem to want to try me out in the real world at times.

I have woken up only to find myself now seeing the scary stuff with my real eyes and unable to have any control over it. It will go away quickly at times and has not caused any harm except caused terror in me because that’s not cool.

I have from time to time seen things or entities that should not be there and I have had premonitions that have saved my life just three or four. I’m a pretty logical person and that is why this is something I need to understand and not simply find a way to take a drug to tune it out, there must be a reason why this happens with my dreaming. Perhaps I’m a very Lucid dreamer a little too lucid maybe?


OK wow thanks for all the comments, this is not something I speak of much because people usually will label me as "physco" and thats just ignorant. Ok this is where things get a bit scary... When I was born my mother and other women in the same hospital floor saw and reported a shadow figure lurking about room to room, which is very creepy since this was the maternity floor where women are about to go into labor and give birth to children. This story was not told to me until i was about 28yrs old. My mother told me this because we were trying to make sense of all the weird stuff I had experienced. When I was a kid from ages 3 thru 13, I would wake up at night and see a cloaked shadow person standing in the door frame of my room (the door was always open) and it appeared to be reading or holding a book or thin box of some kind as if it was looking down at it. I was not afraid at first and would stare at it for a moment and think to my self " wonder why my dad is reading in the darkness"

Update 2:

Then I started to realize that no one reads in the darkness and that that was not my dad. So the next time I saw this figure I stared at it and threw a shoe at it. The show passed thru it and it turned towards me. This is where I was terrified, it was a shadow person that was even darker than my room in pitch darkness and its eyes were red. I would cover my self and wish it was gone, but it was always there, and would return to its position if i left it alone. I told my dad and mom but you know parents, they figured I was dreaming and even once my dad spread holy watter in my room. That didn't help, but the shadow person kinda grew on me and I assumed it was just keeping an eye on me, since it never tried to scare me or hurt me. Years passed I grew into a man and there its been, sometimes I see it sometimes its just the feeling of it presence that I detect. I have even chased it upstairs during the day when I caught It sitting behind my parents and sister as they watched TV.

Update 3:

I don't know if that related to my dream manipulation ability . Sensing or seeing the shadow person, sometimes I don't like it because I can't find out what it or they want, and Id like to know, I'm not scared of the dead or spirits , I'm more scared by the living. I don't consider my self any different, I'm a graphic designer / mechanic, I have a finance which we have a great relationship and she knows the whole story. I have much more to tell but I don't have the space here. I also have many déjà vu which I just don't even notice at times since is so common. I wish I could fine tune any ability I may have and use it on command. Give me your feed back, thanks.

Update 4:

thanks for the reply about the dream post, this is what I use to control dreams, I hope it helps**When you are in a dream, try to ask yourself how you got there? Why you would be there or in that situation? Does it feel real? Can you read anything around you? (knowing or sensing it says something is not reading) Experiment with the laws of physics, jump, punch, throw etc...

If you ask yourself these things in the present reality, you will notice that things seem to fit l.In the dream world you will notice holes and gaps also inconsistencies in the laws of physics.

Once you realize its a dream then also realize you control it and can do as you please.Some dreams have a story or plot and if you let them play out it seems real but if you behave contrary to what is expected or unpredictable then sometimes the dream story will stall and seem as if the characters in the dream have lost their sense of sequence and will sometimes just stand still or walk away silently.

Update 5:

Try it,... once you master this, try letting someone or many people shoot you in the dream as if to kill you, then play dead

and stand back up and asure yourself (100 % faith in you is needed for this to work) are immortal in the dream world . Then pay attention to the would be killers and notice that

they simply have not been programmed for that, so they walk away or stand still not knowing what to do.

Then you can do to them as you please or select a new dream to move on to.

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    Hmm, that is very interesting. Well, I took a tai chi class last semester and the instructor told us how he had learned to control and shape his dreams. He could talk to anyone and go anywhere in his dreams. I believe that perhaps there are other factors that are bringing your dreams into your waking life. You might benefit from exercises that help you gain control over your mind. These range from meditation, yoga, tai chi, martial arts, or anything else that gives you the feeling of calmness and helps center your attention.

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    There are many people who can see or feel entities and they just do not talk about it because they are afraid they will be labeled as "psycho".

    The entities and things are there for a reason. Have you ever tried asking your unconscious to reveal to you in your dreams if there is something you can do to help them. I wish you had been more specific with what you had seen and if the entities were a threat to you. Some spirits just need help crossing over. Sometimes you are probably having visions which foretell something or you are just seeing into other dimensions. Have you ever tried automatic writing as a way to get to the bottom of this. There is a website where people having your experiences can help you to understand more. Try joining it. I have learned much since I joined and I am no longer afraid of anything. Blessings.

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    Some resources:

    "The Path of the Higher Self," Mark Prophet,

    "Watch Your Dreams," Ann Ree Colton,

    "The Master of Lucid Dreams," Dr. Olga Kharitidi,

    "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?", Free and Wilcock,

    "Extraordinary Knowing," Dr. Elizabeth Mayer,

    Reviews at

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    your ability is fantastic.dream is a game of mind and you are able to manipulate your dreams in any manner you like,its simply awesome.sometimes when i want something terribly or i wanna do something very badly(don't take it in a bad sense),i get to see myself getting the desired thing or doing that stuff in my dream. so you can say that it happen to me sometimes.

    but i advice you not to link it with the reality,dreams of course help to overcome our fears e.g i wanted to do a headstand but i was just not able to do that,felt a 100 times n even got hurt but 1 day i saw myself doing the headstand straight and in a fearless manner.You won't believe that i learnt the technique of headstand from my dreams!! but that was a not a very very difficult task to do. keep dreams away from reality.if your feelings about something is really strong you can have that in your dreams and when the subconscious mind become stronger,you get the ability to manipulate the dreams.that is good as well as a bad thing(to some extent)

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    Ive only been able to control my dreams a couple times

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    that's really creepy and cool at the same time! lol

    i don't even know whether to believe u or not lol! but if u are serious, pray to God!.. yea i know it sounds corny or cliche' but i do believe in higher power! that's all i can say to you!..

  • can you teach me how to reshape my dreams please, wow thats such a cool talent, that would impress any girl

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    wtf?!?! thet is so cool i need to try dat!

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