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affordable web hosting where to find affordable web hosting?

Hey guys. I've been looking for some affordable web hosting. Doesn't have to be cheap. Just affordable. I see these affordable web hosting offers online sometimes, but don't really like what I see. Where can I get some decent affordable web hosting? From what I understand dependable and affordable web hosting is hard to find, but help me out. :)


I just need an affordable web hosting solutions.... make it easy for me please guys to find my affordable web hosting solutions. I am new to this, so any affordable solution to my need will be great. thanks.

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    You can find affordable,award winning web hosting at

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    Affordable web hosting solutions are hard to come across these days. Especially with so much competition and such... Whether you were looking for a reseller or shared account, I know a site that can get you hooked up with an affordable hosting solution. I have personally been with for 4 months, and loved them since I switched from my old provider. I also found a great coupon code that gets you 20% off your first month of hosting to make this hosting even more affordable than it is, the coupon code is "20OFF09" of course without the quotes. I am one of the many satisfied clients of, and will continue to remain satisifed. Ordering process is very easy. I have the $2.79 a month plan. So yes, I believe is your best bet for an affordable hosting solution.

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      Affordable web hosting solutions are hard to come across these days. But i think is the best in Africa and the world. they are good

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    We provide high quality UK based webhosting at NetHosted. Offering quality support, state of the art connectivity and active server load monitoring ensures that our customers receive a great service, which is why many of them have been with us for years. Our hosting isn't the cheapest but it's not expensive, and our levels of support are unparallelled at this price range!

    Our customer testimonials speak for themselves, you can see these in our community, it's best to do your own research when looking for a host, read what others are saying and contact support yourself before you buy so you can see how true the claims are!

    A genuine host will be happy for your enquiry and respond quickly and helpfully, not just with a pre templated response but with an actual answer to the question that you asked. I believe we offer the best service you'll find anywhere, we also do a 14 day free trial so you can test this for yourself!



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    i am an web desginer.i want to tell you before selecting a would be good to check it based on price,quality,features,technical supports and reliability.They are some top industry leading webhost companies that provide awarding services with world class quality hosting services at affordable prices.

    • Free Domain Name for Life

    • Free site builder

    • Unlimited data Storage!

    • Unlimited data Transfer!

    • Bonus Programs-adword credits & free softwares

    • 24/7 Award Winning Support!

    Good luck


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    here are some affordable web hosts

    ive used hostmonster and still has some sites in there but i also have a vps, here is some affordable vps hosts

    use VPS if you think you need to, if you will be getting more traffic you will need to upgrade, cause shared hosts are just too unpredictable. for now you can try the shared ones

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    Affordable web hosting solution. Make it easy for you. You got it, I recommend you take advantage of webhostingpad's $1.99/month sale. Another option if you would like to look further is HostMonster @ $3.95/month through this special promo link:

    Best of luck with your website :)

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    Hostgator webhosting has Easy and Powerful free site builder. You can build a professional and good look website in minutes.

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    I had one from that cost me about 10 bucks a year. It worked well enough and I was able to get the url that I wanted.

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    Hi Mike, you can try

    They are providing 40GB hosting at just $1/ mo only. Uptime is very good.

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    I highly recommend

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