I want to be a Mormon, but I'm afraid?

Yet, I was told that it would conflict with my passion for theatre and wanting to do it as a career. Would being a Mormon and being an actress conflict with one another often, or would the Church forgive me?

Also, I'm afraid that my friends will think little of me. My friend has also told me I'd be a bad mormon, but I don't know why. Please help.


I want to be a Mormon because I have many of the same beliefs as what I have researched about the Mormon religion. But, I am worried that the types of roles I may occasionally get will contradict with the beliefs of Mormons.

:] Thank you for all the answers, but please try not to be rude to anyone.

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    Katherine Heigl is mormon....other than that, I have no idea. I'm pretty sure they'd get over it.

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    No it should not stop you from doing theatre. I do what they call "Friends of the Theatre" and I am a Mormon. Being a member of the mormon church has not stop me from doing what I like doing in my life. Most of the friends that I have are non-members of the mormon church and they understand and support me being a mormon. They might not like what I believe in but they know that I do not do certain things and they respect me for it. Do not feel bad about becoming a mormon. If it feels right in your heart to join the church then join the church. You must decide on what you want to do for yourself and be happy that you have made that decision.

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    You can be both LDS and an actress. The Church has always been a patron of the arts. The LDS do after all seek after that which is virtuous and praiseworthy. I know that the LDS Foundation supports Hale Centre Theatre, and the Church's main university, BYU has a strong theater program as well.

    However- there are situations that can arise that may lead you down the garden path to betraying the tenets of the faith if you are not careful. This can be avoided if you're willing to vigilantly stick to your beliefs and make the occasional sacrifice.

    I know that if you put the Lord first, doors will open to you if you seek to find them. You may not always get the part you want, or the fame you might desire, but you will still be completely satisfied with your career and comfortable with your conscience.

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    There are many famous mormons, and sometimes as an actor you will be asked to do things that conflict with mormon doctrine. I would say you should pray hard and earnestly. There are many who will say bad things about the church and try and take away a good feeling and leave you with nothing in its place, ask your heavenly father, he will tell you the truth.

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    If your friends think little of you, they weren't your friends to begin with and you should find better ones who are worthwhile. They're out there.

    Being an actress would be difficult. Look at the lifestyles many people in acting lead. If you can uphold your standards, more power to you, but it's not going to be easy. Just looking at a few of the people who were listed in other answers-- most of them aren't active members of the LDS church. They were active until...they went to Hollywood and got caught up in everything. Theater is different, of course, but Hollywood is easier to get examples from. See if you know any other LDS people in the same career path as you and see how they're doing. If they find they don't have too hard of a time upholding their standards and they don't regret their choice, then that's a good sign. You can still choose what you do and control your own life.

    Also, it's not the church that does the forgiving; it's Heavenly Father and Jesus.

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    You have gotten so many good answer that there is not much that I can add but like someone else said, beware of the ex angry mormons or other anti mormons....

    and to the person that said that the Mormons are uniting and giving thumbs down---I WILL give thumbs down to anyone that has said things that are not true at all. I do not give thumb downs to people just because they disagree with me but if the things they say are not true, I have no problem sticking up for the truth.

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    The reason they might think you'd be a bad mormon is because women in mormonism are actively discouraged at getting good careers or jobs. Your primary role is to be a mother. My friend on her mission was told by her priesthood leader that she shouldn't try to be an actress, but she was supposed to marry a guy and be a stay-at-home mother. This is very common. After the initial feel goods of being accepted in the community, you will start to notice the blatant sexism in the society.

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    It shouldn't be about whether or not the church would forgive you. It should be about whether or not you accept their doctrines as true and you are willing to live your life according to those beliefs.

    As far as your interest in theatre and career, there will be situations you will be asked to be part of in that career that may conflict with your religious beliefs. Will you be willing to give up an advancement for your faith? Not saying you will have to, there are many Mormons who work in the film industry that have not been willing to compromise their standards and have done okay, but the more successful ones by the world's standards tend to sacrifice religious beliefs to get further in career.

    Check out this website:


    A.J. Cook, who plays J.J. on Criminal Minds, is Mormon and she has so far done okay with not playing roles that contradict with her beliefs. However, since much of the film industry produces filth and trash these days, you will have a hard time avoiding this type of conflict.

    Good luck with your decision, I'm sure it's not an easy one.

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    Hopefully you will look at some of the sites offered and check it out more thoughtfully than you have done already.

    I agree that if your friends will think less of you - they are NOT your friends.

    I agree that it will be a role by role decision for you should you join the LDS Church.

    They are good people - every religion has it's wackos you know - not just the Mormons.

    Where HereIAm got her information is beyond me. She seems to be just a little bit too invested in bashing Mormonism to take seriously. I reckon she had a bad experience. That does not mean that YOU will.

    Think, ask, pray and you will make a reasoned decision. Good Luck!

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    There are plenty of 'famous' celeb mormons - google mormon celebrities and you'll see the list. The conflict, if any, would come to you in life regardless of your career choice. SO? We all face moral dilemmas in life and we make choices - that's no different for anyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Being LDS sometimes takes a great deal of commitment and time - but many famous people obviously balance those time constraints with their careers and it becomes between them and God how they do that and they can live with it as well.

    I don't personally see a conflict unless your ROLES would be of a pornographic nature - but hopefully you can draw a line for yourself and be ok with it. I might mention that you agreeing with many of our beliefs and actually having a personal testimony of the gospel that was obtained through personal study & prayer is REALLY what you need to get first. Of course you would be required to go through that process before anyone would baptize you anyway - so no worries! : )

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    If this is something you want to do then why not. I was LDS(Mormon) for most of my life and now I'm not, but they are nice people and you should be happy. If you go into the theatre do you have to things that the church will consider a sin? I think not. will be around people who do lots of things they consider a sin, yes, but do you have to what others do? No you don't.

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