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Anonymous asked in TravelSwitzerlandOther - Switzerland · 1 decade ago

Switzerland climate.?

What is the climate in switzerland in January?

Does anyone know where can get a climate graph?

Any real cheap hotels in zurich?

Available in January? please state your sources or who you are so i can use you in my bibliography.

and also will it be okay to use your answer for my project?


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    Switzerland definitely experiences seasons -- winter can bring a fair amount of snow while summer can be sunny and sultry but the weather is rarely extreme. Temperaures in summer can climb to the 30s°C (90s°F) or even mid 30s°C (mid 90s°F). The Italian region, which includes popular destinations like Locarno, Lugano, and Bellinzona, can be more mediterranean (as evidenced by the palm trees and colorful birds that you'll see). The French region is a bit more temperate while the areas in the north tend to be about 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler in general. Early summer (June) or fall is probably the best time to experience Switzerland, as the weather is comfortable and there aren’t as many tourists as there are during the summer (or the winter in the ski regions). September can be quite rainy, but October offers sunny weather with temperatures on their 20s°C (70s°F), which is perfect for hiking in the Alps even in high altitude.

    Depending on when and where you go, the weather in Switzerland can vary greatly due to drastic altitude differences. High in the Swiss mountains, the weather tends to be much cooler than expected so bring a warm jacket, extra layers, and pants even in the summer if you plan on visiting any of the major mountains. Some areas, like Les Diablerets and Zermatt, are cold enough that they are open for skiing even in the summer (though skiing Zermatt is certainly not recommended for newbies).

    For weather charts, please visit this (English) website:

    For cheap hotels in Zurich (my home town, by the way): As usual with such questions, the answer depends on the budget of the traveller, in this case you. I suggest you give the Zurich Youth Hostel a chance, it's really like a hotel, it can be reached by public transport. See their website where you even can book online:

    Sure you may use my answer for your project, or, even better: Simply mention the weblinks (thats's how it's done by scientific people - start to be one yourself today!)

    Source(s): Me ;-), a Swiss aboriginie
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    The best part for you to be in Switzerland is Valais / Wallis. The southern valley. This has microclimate and about 90% clear blue skies.

    Zurich is in the north and does not feel very swiss to me. I would recommend Valais, I've lived there myself for the last 4 years.

    The best place tostay is in a holiday chalet. I will be a lot cheaper than a hotel. Around 50 chf per night for a few people. Just search for ferienwohnung.

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