What is the name of the Matthew Perry movie...?

What is the name of the movie where Matthew Perry is in love with a waitress who works at her father's restaurant?


The Ron Clark Story is not the one I'm thinking of.

Update 2:

I think it's Matthew Perry. What I remember is there being a shy waitress who works at her father's restaurant and I think she is his hispanic. At the end she ends up being with him and gets her fathers approval. I know...not much to go off of.

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    The Ron Clark Story (2006)?

    Matthew Perry was a waiter (before becoming a full-time school teacher) and he had the hots for a fellow waitress, named Marissa (Melissa De Sousa), at the restaurant.

    EDIT: Could you be thinking of John Corbett and not Matthew Perry? Corbett's character falls for the waitress at her father's restaurant in My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002). She was initially shy.

    The only other movie that I can think of with Matthew Perry falling for an Hispanic is Fool's Rush In. After meeting in a bathroom line in a local restaurant, Alex (Perry) and Isabel (Salma Hayek) find an instant connection and sleep together. Three months after their one night stand in Las Vegas, Isabel announces that she is pregnant. Sooo...in this movie, the female lead was NOT shy and she was not a waitress in her father's restaurant (instead, a Vegas casino).

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    It was not Fools Rush In. in that movie Salma Hayek plays the girl hes in love with and she works at a casino and is a part time photographer

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    Fools Rush In

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