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question about TAKIS chips...?

i live in Fontana california. does anyone know where i can buy takis chips? ive heard at the 99cent store.. but im not sure.

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    TAKIS CHIPS, a taco-shaped snack made in the "Original", "Salsa Brava", "Fuego" and "Guacamole" flavors. are made by a mexican company called BARCEL, a unit of GRUPO BIMBO (Bimbo Group created in 1950), stocking retail outlets are 7Eleven & am-pm stores.These stores should stock them, but you can call first.

    AM/PM 16120 Slover Ave, Fontana, CA‎ - (909) 822-4500

    ‎7Eleven 16096 Slover Ave, Fontana, CA‎ - (909) 429-4709‎

    7Eleven 17305 Arrow Blvd, Fontana, CA‎ - (909) 823-5435‎

    7Eleven 16925 Randall Ave, Fontana, CA‎ - (909) 822-8863‎


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    7Eleven most likely

    But you're in Fontana so I'm not 100% sure probably 80%

    Here in Garden Grove they're EVERYWHERE

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