AP statistics problem please help?

In a very large sample, if 10% of loaves weigh less than 15.34 ounces, and 20% weigh more than 16.31 ounces, what's the mean and standard deviation of the distribution of the weights of the bread?

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    On an AP stats class (and most of the time in real life), the phrase "in a very large sample" means that we should use the central limit theorem, so that the weights of the bread form a normal distribution.

    Now let m be the mean and s be the standard deviation.

    Then the two pieces of information tell us:

    P( z < (15.34 - m) / s ) = .1

    P( z < (16.31 - m) / s ) = .8

    Looking at the z-tables, we find that approximately

    (15.34 - m) / s = -1.28

    (16.31 - m) / s = 0.84

    Solve those equations for m and s to get

    mean = 15.926

    std dev = 0.4575

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  • 3 years ago

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  • efqy
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    1 decade ago

    It's impossible to answer without substantially more assumptions than given here.

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