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My father passed away in july,What should I do for my mom to help keep her mind off of it for mothers day?

his birthday is on 5/6..thanks

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    Take her out somewhere nice. Spoil her a bit.Consider having their wedding photo painted in a small oil, or a picture of the two of them in their prime having a really good time. A complete family picture when children were young, a pleasant memory of all of you would be something she would treasure. You can't keep her mind off it. When people are married for a long time the ache of loosing him can only begin to subside when she allows pleasant memories to start to patch up the hole she feels in her heart. Let her know she doesn't have to forget him, just needs to focus on the good they shared. She is lucky to have you.

    Source(s): Widowed myself and lost my father as well. Personal experience.
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    The other one is right. You won't keep her mind off of it. Just plan to spend the day with her. It would also be a good idea to plan to spend the day with her on his birthday so she doesn't feel alone. It's ok if she wants to talk about him.

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    there is quite no elementary thank you to quit questioning approximately somebody which you like that has gave up the ghost.attempt and stay busy.attempt to undergo in strategies the good circumstances.I must be conscious of by way of fact my mom gave up the ghost a million 3 hundred and sixty 5 days in the past on my fathers birthday and that individual same day my grandson replace into born.Then my father gave up the ghost in Feb from a broken heart by way of fact he lost a spouse of fifty 3 yrs.So now what I do is merely attempt and picture of ways happy they are mutually returned.yet i be conscious of its very annoying.

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    Its okay to cry when you're grieving. But crying not because he's not here anymore but because you won't get to do the things you loves so much with him. Make a list of all the fond memories of him. Use some of his jokes and when you mum cries, hug her and tell her that "dad wouldn't want us to be like this". "He would have wanted us to be happy and always smiling" Be open to talk about dad and adopt some of his good qualities so she begins to see some similarities around her..

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    You won't keep her mind off it. It was her husband. Best thing you can do is plan your normal mothers day events and the memories of him will hopefully be pleasant.

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    i do not think your mom cannot keep her mind of her husband he was her husband and she loved him as he loves her.

    just plan something nice and special with your mother, do something together and she might talk to you about him because your father will always be with you two in spirit he would want you two to continue with yours life and never to forget him.

    Source(s): i lost many people to death that i loved
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