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Why is play time important for children?

Im doing a parenting assignment, 3 paragraphs, on why play time is important for children? Some ideas i have : important for development, building relationships.. Any help :)?


I know it helps them learn. I need 3 diff points = 3 diff paragraphs.. Learning = Development. same thing.

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    Playing is an Important Part of a Child's Development

    Oftentimes parents or caregivers are under the impression that if a child is not actively learning or being taught academics then they are not learning at all. But even simple playtime is learning for a child. The world is new to them and something as simple as playing with a cardboard box is still a learning process for them.

    During play, children learn how they influence the world and their surroundings. Children also use play as a way to relieve stress and taking this time out from chores or academics is an important part of keeping a child healthy; both physically and emotionally. It is important for parents and caregivers to provide opportunities for children to play. Many toy manufacturers create toys that will teach children specific academic skills and even though there is nothing harmful in these types of toys children also need to play with simpler objects. The simpler toys encourage children to use their imagination and enhance their problem-solving skills.

    Playing helps children to learn, even though an adult or caregiver might not see the learning benefits of a young child playing with something as dull as a dry washcloth. Or an infant who sticks a toy in their mouth or plays with their toys might not seem like a learning process to an adult, but to the child it is.

    Children learn about different people through play. They can learn how different people are likely to act in specific situations and how to deal with those different actions. This can help them to learn to respect differences. For example, one adult might let a child bounce on their lap whereas another adult doesn't. Children will learn that not everyone is the same and they will learn to respect this.

    Through play children can also begin to learn their own special abilities. Children will learn what they are good at and discover what they like to do. There is no right way to play; there is only the child's way. A child might learn to avoid the skills that they are not good at and strengthen the skills they are good at.

    Playing is an Important Part of a Child's Development

    Playtime is also a learning process for socialization skills. When children play with others they learn how to socialize and what is acceptable or not acceptable. They learn to share, to communicate, and often set up their own rules or etiquette for what is acceptable.Playtime that is shared with others is also a great way for children to practice good manners.

    Playing also helps children deal with their own fears. This is a form of problem-solving skills. They might create a scenario involving other or their toys and then figure out how to get out of the situation or how to alleviate the fears. For example, a child afraid to turn the light off might place that fear in a favorite doll and then talk to the doll about why the light off at nighttime is not a thing to be afraid of. A child exhibiting this type of play is trying to rationalize and analyze their fear by giving it to someone else.

    Children will also learn about choices when they play. During games and activities children will make a variety of decisions. Making these decisions will show children the consequences of their actions. This might be as simple as choosing a very small and thin block to be at the bottom of a tower. When the tower falls a child will realize that choosing the smallest block is not the best choice for a tower base. Next time they build the tower the child is likely to either grab a bigger block or to enhance the smaller block by adding others to it.

    During a normal play session children will also learn to think on their own. They will develop the skills necessary for thinking on their own but these skills are provided in a non-threatening and safe environment. Children will also create their own rules that fit within their world. Often children create rules or a set of guidelines for their play. They may only be playing with toy cars in a dirt road, but they create their own infrastructure about what is and is not acceptable. For example, they cannot drive off the road. There is no reason why a toy car cannot leave the dirt path, only that the child has made the rule that says so.

    Another benefit to play is that it can revitalize and renew children. As stated earlier, it is a great relief of stress but it also provides exercise and a break from a regular school or home routine. It also provides an enthusiasm for life. Just as an adult might take a time out to read, watch television, surf the internet or exercise a child needs to do the same but their break from real life takes the form of playtime.

    Playing is an Important Part of a Child's Development

    A parent or caregiver should do as much as possible for children to encourage them to play. A safe environment should be provided so that they can play without fear of getting hurt, they need to interact with other adults and children in playti

    Source(s): Proud Mother to (Scarlett Grace age 15yr)
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    For me, the reason why play time is important for children are as follows:

    1) Play time help in the development of actions and will facilitate the learning experience.

    2) Children can use their imagination during play time.

    3) Play time is a happy time for children; it bring shrieks of laughter or at least a smile to the little children' face.

    That's all I can do now. Hope this would help.

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    Children learn through play.

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    It makes mind relax and make children active.

    Help them to grow physically.

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    Exactly as Michelle said. You learn when you play!

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