Is the GOP scaring off right-leaning voters, resulting in a self-feeding cycle?

GOP adds are using terrorism and fear for political purposes... (something that John McCain stayed away from in the 2008 election)

Their leading 2012 candidate seems to be Bobby Jindal, who is so far to the right he doesn't feel abortion should be legal in a case of rape:

Although not officially a part of the GOP, they are associated with the "gathering storm" adds which use words like "afraid" and "persecution" in regards to gay marriage:

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Michael steel apoligized for saying that Rush Limbaugh is outrageous, incendiary, and an entertainer, and for saying that Rush Limbaugh is not the de-facto leader of the GOP. I don't see why Rush Limbaugh deserved any kind of apology for this statement, considering that Rush Limbaugh wants Obama (and the United States) to fail. By apologizing, he also implied that Rush Limbaugh is the de-facto leader of the GOP.

After the last 8 years, how much more of this will it take before moderate right-leaning Republicans get scared and turned off by all this and start leaving the GOP? Will this result in the GOP moving even farther to the right as moderates loose in the primaries? Will it become a self-feeding cycle? Is it already happening?

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    Basing your information off of severely left-leaning media sources like CNN or Boston Daily doesn't add any credibility to your claims.

    So long as there are independent thinking people in this world, who have a moral compass, know right from wrong, and maintain a sense of personal responsibility, the Republican party will never disappear.

    So long as people trust the TV before their own instinct, jump to conclusions after reading a headline, refuse to do their own research, and follow emotion before logic, we will always have Liberals.

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  • 3 years ago

    No. i think of it has greater to do with the reality that in the time of a prevalent, you talk on your social gathering's base. And with a ninety% help of Democrats, blacks (as an entire) are not an important area of the Republican social gathering base. Why spend the time and money on campaigning to those that aren't going to be giving marketing campaign contributions or balloting interior the GOP prevalent? could the Democratic social gathering applicants circulate to a NRA backed debate? could they circulate to a debate on Fox information? however the trouble-free question, and the trouble-free element that, IMO, desires to be reported by skill of the Republicans is that the social gathering does not comprehend that any particular team of people would desire to receive any particular attention from government in line with id politics. they have overlooked their danger to assert this many cases now; I wish somebody could have the heart to chat frankly.

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  • Let's hope. "Right wing" wins elections.

    Look either way:

    Winners: Of the last ten Presidents, who didn't "out-conservative" their opponent? Example: Obama voters said they expected smaller government, less spending and lower taxes from Obama than from McCain - Obama "out-righted" McCain in the eyes of the electorate.

    Losers: Of the last ten Presidential losers, how many are conservative? (I'll save you the trouble - none.)

    Alternative perspective:

    Democrats are fervently advising the GOP to move LEFT. I guess if you believe the DNC wants Republicans to win, you probably also believe that's a winning strategy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No as long as they scare off the idiots.

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  • 1 decade ago


    Instead of coming up with some REAL solutions for helping America, they'd rather use the same ole tired, fear tactics to try and gain support, any support they can. That is SAD.

    I'm so glad smart Americans rejected them.

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    1 decade ago

    It is happening as we speak. They want to be the party of Ideas now. They decided this in a pizza shop. How come now they want to come up with some ideas? What have they been doing?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Im still trying to grasp the reason why you Liberals are so obsessed and interested in the GOP..If we are so irrelavant, can you explain to me why?

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