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Which Skateboard Bearings Are Faster, Bones REDS or Rush Abec-7 bearings?

i bought some new bearings today, Bones Reds. the guy at the shop said that they were so fast they didn't need an abec. after riding i thought that my old bearings, the rush abec-7's, went faster. i just wanted to know which is faster

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    There is no way for someone to give you an answer to your question without testing both bearings on expensive equipment with specific loading.

    If the Rush bearings work better for you, buy them in the future.

    However both the shop guy and jibiking are full of nonsense about ABEC and also partly right.

    ABEC is a tolerance specification for how gaps inside the bearing and how much it can wobble when it spins. It has nothing to do with how easily a bearing spins.

    ABEC got used for skate bearings because companies were using "Precision" grade bearings which are garbage. ABEC 1 rated bearings were a vast improvement over the Precision grade. Bearing sellers then decided if 1 is good, larger numbers can be advertised as better.

    A few of the better bearing companies (Twin Cam, Zero Drag, Bones) have designs that are better for skating by not meeting the specifications of the ABEC ratings..

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    Bearings Reds

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    probably bones reds. bones has been making bearings almost as long as skateboarding has been around. and all that abec measurement stuff is all bull poop they are just measuring how long and how fast a bearing will spin for on some metal pole they aren't measuring it under pressure and the conditions of when your actually riding so go with the bones

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