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white stuff in pimples...?

first of all, i had a recent outbreak of pimples just above my nose between my eyebrows. i am using Clearasil ultra wipe thingies and it says to use them no more than 3 times a day but i have used them like 5 lol(: so first of all is using them too much just making it worse or do they just suggest that you dont use too much so your face doesnt get dry?

and second of all, each time i use the wipes my pimples start oozing this white stuff, is that bad? when i see it i just take the clearisil pad and wipe off the white stuff a couple times, but it just keeps "growing back". should i just let the white stuff stay there?

thaannkss for answeriing (:

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    Oh jeez, that sucks. Do you wipe them with the pad and break the skin open, or do you blot? I highly, highly recomend blotting. Anything else and you're prone to scarring- scars that will last a looooooooong time. I used to get a bunch of zits right underneath my left cheekbone for some weird reason, and the scars are now just starting to fade- its been over 14 years.

    A super good idea for you is to carry around blotting tissues to use through out the day. Or just blot with tissue in the bathroom. It will keep the area clean of oil and speed your skin's recovery.

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    whoa that is scary

    i think u should discontinue the wipe thing

    ok.... the white stuff is called puss, everyone has it so dont be freaked out

    for my face i just wash it with hand soap because i dont really trust all the chemicals in stuff for acne

    just let the puss keep coming and it is NOT deadly if it stays on ur face.

    uhm, pro-active really works

    it is a lot of money compared to some stuff though

    my sister has bought a lot of clearasil stuff and it doesnt work as well as pro-active or hand soap :)

    maybe it is just me

    i dunno

    it isnt bad if you use them more than three times a day i dont think :(

    it is good if the puss comes out of the zit or pimple or whatever

    hope this helps :)

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    acne - and that sounds horrible.

    There are loads of things you can use to help cleanse your skin but ultimately the problem is in your diet.

    One of the best ways to clear your skin is to eat lots of fresh salad items, in particular coleslaw as this is uncooked white cabbage which has enough arsenic inside it to clear away the rubbish oozing out of your skin.

    Keep well away from fried oily foods and candy/chocolate/sugar as this always has a bad effect on skin.

    No amount of using Clearasil or any other stuff is going to make much difference - you just need clean skin.

    Pimples are the result of what you eat - its coming OUT of you, therefore Clearasil is only going to clean the top of the iceberg, so to speak.

    After all that - a quick visit to either your doctor or a chat with your pharmacist, and one of them will suggest something that is more likely to work.

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  • that white stuff might be pus!!! ok well first, those weird wipes or washes that they say get rid of ur pimples? well, they really dont. the best way is to wash your face at least 3 times a day(morning, afternoon, night) with water and soap.

    make sure the soap is not one that has a ton of frangrances. that stuff isnt good.

    very quickly the pimples will slowly get smaller

    Source(s): myself - after 3 pimples that went away in 4 days
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    using the stuff to much can make it worse because the skin can only tolerate so much at once and can react to too much so be careful. the white stuff is called puss and until it is ALL out of the zit, a new head will form and the zit will remain. I light touch of pale green makeup around the zit under concealer will cover the redness. try physician's formula

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    It dries out your skin, that's why they say no more than three. Plus it doesn't stop treating for like 5 hours, so more than three is just overkill. And yeah, that's actually puss. It's from a small infection actually. That's what a pimple is! a dirty and infected pore... it's not bad or anything, but there is nothing wrong with getting it out. (If you wash your face after, or otherwise it'll cause MORE zits...

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    if you had an outbreak and ur a girl your probaablly about t get your period lol but if ur a dude then idk your on steroids :)

    your um pimples i guess have alot of dirt in them so that just means the clerasil is wworking and they say only 3 times cause it drys out your face and you start to peel so yea.

    hope it helped :)

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    all zits have that white stuff. If you have ever pooped a zit then that stuff will pop out. I always pop them but i don't know if its healthy for your skin or not. But that's definitely normal

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    i dunno but the white stuff is a build up of white blood cells.. just so you know puss is excess white blood cells..

    stop using them so much and... try toothpaste tonight.

    just put a light layer of toothpaste over the pimply area. it will dry them out and should clear them up it will look red almost rashish in the morning but that'll go away and the pimples should too.

    i do it for all my problem pimples, and it works.

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