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What Makes Music Addictive?

And does it cause Stupidity?

I know that In ancient times music was part of Life. But with Technology its not the same.

Another question.

When I hear a song for the first time and I really like it I play it like 5 to 10 times.

But then I forget completely how it was why?

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    Music might be "addictive" to some people because

    scientists have found that it is strongly connected to

    memory. When we have a strong memory, music

    can help us to remember a lot of things that we might

    otherwise forget. Just play something that your parents

    liked when you were little and the memories come

    flooding back with a lot of otherwise forgotten details.

    And music does not cause stupidity. As a matter of fact.

    listening to classical music can help make you smarter.

    Have you had a dose of classical today?

    And finally, I think you forget what you were listening to

    after playing it about 10 times because you have nothing

    to connect you to the music. You're probably listening to

    songs with your eyes closed, while lying on your back, or

    just listening while walking down the street, or sitting

    around with nothing happening while you listen.

    You will remember a song if there is some other connection

    with it, besides just listening.

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    Scientifically, they discovered it has the same reaction in the brain as sex and chocolate. Well, certain kinds of music.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it's a nonverbal form of stress relief

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