Tell me if these albums are any good?

I want to get these albums, but I'm haven't heard the songs on them, so tell me (if you have the albums) if they are good. These are the albums I might want:

Flo Rida- Mail On Sunday

Kanye West- 808s And Heartbreak

Kelly Clarkson- All I Ever Wanted

Jordin Sparks- Jordin Sparks

Katy Perry- One Of The Boys

Lady Gaga- The Fame

Pink- Funhouse

Rihanna- Good Girl Gone Bad

Natasha Bedingfield- Pocket Full Of Sunshine

If you have one or more of these albums please tell me if you like them, and which songs are your favorites and least favorites

No rude comments please.


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    Flo Rida - no

    Kanye West - no

    Kelly Clarkson - heck yes! I have this one. There are so many good songs on that. My fav though may be whyyawannabringmedown. It's awesome.

    Jordin Sparks - yes

    Katy Perry - yes.

    Lady GaGa - yes.

    Pink - maybe

    Rihanna - maybe

    Natasha Bedingfield - um..yes! Have this too and I love all the songs. But if I had to choose one I would have to choose between Soulmate or Angel. But Pocketful of Sunshine is a great spring/summer song.

  • 1 decade ago

    Flo rider- HATE

    Kayne west- IDK

    Kelly Clarkson-IDK

    Jordin Sparks- LIKE

    Katy Perry-LOVE

    Lady Gaga- LOVE

    Pink- LIKe

    Rhianna- LIKE

    Natasha bedingfeild- IDK

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