Breastfeeding and Fenugreek?

I have a 7 month old daughter who is exclusively breastfed (she has recently started 1-2 meals per day of solids although I did drop her solids back when I realized she wasn't nursing so well). She recently went through what I NOW believe was a strike and I didn't realize at the time how my milk supply was/would suffer. Now, my supply is significantly lower than it has been or should be. I do NOT want to have to supplement with formula if I don't have to, but I also don't want to hurt my daughter. It has been recommended that I use fenugreek and drink Mother's Milk Tea. I have both and have had my first dose of each. I'm curious if anyone out there has use either or both products after their supply has already started to dwindle. Do I have good reason to think it might not work? Or should it work even though I had a good supply, but now it's dwindled. I appreciate any of your comments/suggestions. I feel awfully anxious.

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    Last month I went through exactly the same thing when I started my baby on solids. I was reeeeeeally anxious because I plan on breastfeeding until she's a year old.

    I did resort to using Fenugreek and read up on it quite a bit (you can check my questions too and see that I posted a couple about low milk supply and Fenugreek). What I found was that it takes a pretty high dose of Fenugreek to get things one article I read it stated that most women need a minimum of 3 grams a day to see their milk supply increase...that's A LOT of Fenugreek!....and, it's not cheap! I ended up taking about 2.5 grams a day (about two 250mg capsules every few hours) until I noticed that I smelled like pancake syrup. That was the only part I didn't like.

    Anyway...after about 5-6 days or so, I noticed my milk supply went back to normal...however, I did feed my baby constantly and pumped for 15min after each feed. DO NOT supplement with formula. You'll only contribute to the decrease of your supply. Just put baby on every half-hour if you have to until things level out.

    Good Luck to you!!!

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    I had to express milk for my premie that was in the hospital for 3 mths. Obviously with the stress and lack of eating right my milk supply also went down a lot. I did use both the fenugreek and mothers milk tea. I think it did help but without frequent pumping or nursing the supply will not increase. However u must have patience because an increase does not happen overnight. You might have to supplement with formula until ur supply increases again so your baby isnt staying hungry. It took about a week for me to see a difference. Good luck!!!

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  • I have taken fenugreek and it worked very well. I took it for about 2 days before i noticed a difference. But I quit taking it because I had a decent increase and my son would choke alot due to all the extra milk at let down. But my supply was ok when i started I just wanted to increase so I could pump and freeze for out upcoming vacation.

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    after three days of using fenugreek pills, my milk supply increased by about 12 oz per day

    (I knew the approximate ounce ammount because I pump frequently, pumping can also help stimulate your supply.)

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    Well i'm not a mother yet, but when my sis and cousins had babies my mom and aunt used to make them eat a lott of Cumin seeds..

    whatever meal you make, add cumin seeds or powder to it. Eat raw garlic. i guess this would be more than enough to get milk production going !! all the best

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    I have heard of fenugreek working quite well for most mothers.

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    Try pumping. The more you feed or pump the more consistent your milk supply will be

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