Do you think immigrants (illegal) should get EQUAL rights as American citizens?

First lets look at wise, we american citizens (native or temporary) pay taxes and dump are share into the crack pot system we live in LOL Money circulation wise, we legal citizens also use that money earned within the country which keeps the dollar pushing forward. Lastly, we also have some kind of loyalty to this country. we might hate, not like some things but wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Lets compare it to how illegals contribute to our system... they do not pay taxes (sales tax hardly applies, though it does count for something), they usually have the family they left in Mexico (other wife and kids) to which they send at least a quarter of their money to...and lastly, a lot of them hate this country so much that they would rather raise the Mexican flag rather than the american. A lot of them still angered by the fact that California was once having hispanic heritage myself i can honestly say im glad its not.

I understand that the legal papers are pretty much handed to chinese, cubans, and many other internationals that come over illegally, yet they give any who come from Mexico a hard time about it...why the hypocracy?

Oh yeah, and we cant forget about the lack of any type of papers to have insurance, licenses to drive...and yet we are supposed to pay their way for health insurance, government aid and any other privaledge most legal Americans can never qualify for? How is that fair to those who actually have contributed to this country for years...Now that is not Equal, what US American citizens...where are our equal rights?


Flags were and still are...WAR BANNERS!!! Territory claims, gang colors, etc. As for saying its okay to wave the confederate was the war banner of those who wanted and thought they were above certain other types of people and wanted to keep their slaves. Its no different than the nazi flag.

funny how no one commented on how they end up with 2 wives LOL and how is it okay to support criminal acts...would you be okay with someone breaking into your house and taking all your stuff and just say, "oh its okay, I guess they really deserve it." A criminal act is a criminal act...quite being dellusional...Apparently some of you never heard of Welfare, MediCal, and section 8 housing...most of these people are those who never want to better themselves...I dont qualify and many others that tried who just wanted a way to get help to improve their a stepping stool as opposed to a constant income...

Update 2:

Obama needs to realize that he will be a hypocrit if he gives 100% amnesty...He claims to be trying to IMPROVE our current economical slump, but if MORE of the budget money goes to those on support programs, it will increase the defecit by a great margin...which will make the economic situation will that help...?

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    Rights and privileges are two different things.

    The benefits of deportation and border security

    •Thousands of jobs will become available that Americans can and will do.

    •Billions in Taxpayer dollars will be saved.

    •There will be an immediate drop in crime of all kinds

    •Schools will improve with their ability to focus on teaching instead mollycoddling students that don’t have adequate English language skills.

    •Thousand of legitimate immigrant workers will have room to enter the US workforce where they benefit the US economy.

    •Wage in jobs that had been held down by the wage regression created as a result of an illegal workforce will rise until it is competitive with the labor market.

    •The creation of a permanent “American underclass” and the human suffering that accompanies it will have been avoided.

    •The gross national product and tax receipts of the US will rise as wages are kept in the US rather than being sent to Mexico.

    •Hospitals, law enforcement and prisons will be relieved of the costs imposed by illegal immigration.

    and you won't have to press anything to speak English.

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    Just because illegal aliens aren't given the same rights doesn't mean they are less human. Think about it, can I go to Japan, Germany or Mexico illegally and expect to get the same rights as their citizens?


    What's your source about chinese, cuban and other internationals "pretty much handed" legal papers? Sounds like a crock. Based on Lou Dobbs, hispanics are largest ethnic group admitted into the country legally.

    Some of the illegals also do pay income taxes but under identity fraud or theft.

    What government aid and other privileges you referring to? Are you saying that there is a fund specifically for illegal immigrants and citizens don't have access to the same services? Get a clue!

    I agree that all people should come into the US LEGALLY but your baseless rant is uninformed.

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    An illegal alien working a job for $8-10 hr with three kids will not be paying income taxes even under stolen id. You can chose your exemptions. Their three kids will cost an average of four thousand $ each year for school so there is twelve thousand $ that there is no hope of regaining through the family's taxes paid. Add in emergency room fees, car accidents with no insurance, and headaches from stolen identity and you have a net loss for the taxpayer of whatever state they live in.

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    1st of all illegal immigrants DO pay taxes, and not just sale taxes. a lot of them pay property and income taxes and have payed 7 billion into social security when they do NOT receive any benefits. do your research. 2ndly, lots of countries DEPEND upon the money that these immigrants send back home, if that source were to be eliminated, our latin american neighbors would suffer greatly. they are already suffering due to the global recession. why should we care? because it is our responsibility to care as the World Leader and we will eventually be the ones cleaning up the mess. impoverished countries are usually plagued by crime, corruption, and political unrest. We see this in mexico, and because no one has cared enough to help out and do something about poverty and corruption, we now have a drug war threatening to spill over into OUR borders. its easy to ignore such thing when they are half way across the world in africa, or if no ones blowing up major buildings, but this is right next door, and we will eventually will have to deal with it, but deporting and building walls is not the way to go. now as far as them hating this country and raising their countries flag, is something you have ignorantly assumed. Now if they "hated" america, then why would they even want to become citizens here? and as far as them raising their flag, that is just being proud of where they came from, just like i see people in the south displaying the confederate flag, and other people raising italian and irish flags.

    now i DO believe that SOME illegal immigrants, who have been long time residents and meet certain criteria should be given legal status. and also children brought here by there parent illegally should be given legal status and be able to choose at 18 whether to remain here in the US. i understand that there are some that are here to hurt this country, but the majority of these people are hardworking, humble people. So what if they didnt do it the legal way, theyve been through enough which certainly to me pays for them not coming in through "legal" avenues. if you took the time to listen and not be one sided you would understand.

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    why should they end up getting MORE rights than a legal alien, after all I did it the right way and paid out the nose to be here and they are going to get MORE rights than both a legal and a citizen, and yet people STILL don't think there is anything wrong with amnesty???

    Oh and would love to see your proof for "certain" groups of illegals being give it all and only the poor frigging mexicans getting a hard time....stupid thought of yours for the day is it

  • Americans from previous generations entered this country by legal means. Why should anything be different now? They are illegal, therefore, they should be deported back to their own country. American citizens are already struggling with the economy being in a rut. We don't need anymore unnecessary problems.

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    They should have the right to a swift deportation back to their home country, whether that be Mexico, China, or Cuba. the Obambi administration has stopped raids on employers of illegal aliens, stopped using E-verify, has granted amnesty to illegal aliens caught in previous ICE raids, has attacked the 287 g program, and they are pushing for a mass amnesty bill.

    Clearly, the obambi administration is not a friend to working Americans.

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    No one has advocated for their getting equal rights to citizens, such as the vote.

    You're wrong that all our money circulates here.

    You're wrong that they don't contribute. They put in much more than they get. If not for their underpaid labor, we couldn't afford to eat every day.

    Hate this country? That's absurd. Flags mean absolutely NOTHING.

    I don't understand what you say about legal papers being handed out to Chinese, etc.

    We don't pay their way for health insurance,which is wrong and stupid of us. They do not get more privileges than we do. The people who keep telling you that have been lying to you.

    If we had any brains and humanity at all, we'd make it possible for people to work here legally, and, over time, allow them to become citizens.

    Uh, you can't be picked up and sent to another country at any moment; they can. How is that greater rights? You can get welfare and other assistance when you hit hard times; they can't.

    You can vote; they can't.

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    illegals should have no rights at all they are not suppose to be here in the 1st place.Now I think that if our govt would do the right thing and uphold the laws then there wouldn't be any of these problems.They need to be deported and our borders should be secured ASAP.

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    as far as raising the mexican flag well chalk it up to them being stupid.along with being stupid they also are money motivated,the problem is they lower wages in all sectors of employment again just stupid,as for being criminals they can claim stupidity again.

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