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What are your thoughts on...?

The TPS Response R6 goalie pads?


I just ordered a pair and I want to know peoples opinions. Thanks!

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    The R6 is ok. There going to be a little stiff because they didn't put very many Breaks in the design of the pad. But some goalies really like that rigid box shape. However if you like a pad that hugs your leg a little more, you may not like this.

    In this day and age, all Goalie pads conform to a similar design, so it's hard to pick the wrong one.

    Back in the 90's and 80's when Louisville, Heaton, Vaughn, Baugher, and Koho were battling for supremacy, you picked your leg pads based on what style of goalie you were.

    But today, almost everyone is some form of Hybrid Butterfly goalie.

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