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what breed of cat has an "M" on its head?

i have 2 cats like that and i dont know what breed they are do olease hhelp the also have really long hair

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    I still can't believe that "Cats 101" show on Animal Planet said that the Maine Coon has an "M" on the forehead. Like others have said, the "M" is simply part of the tabby coat pattern which can be found on many breeds of cats as well as in cats of no particular breed. The Maine Coon does come in tabby but they're also solid coloured, bicolour, smoke, tortie, torbie - every sort of color/pattern but pointed.

    If you don't have papers for your cats odds are they're cats of no particular breed - just like over 97% of the cats on this entire planet. If the tabby pattern is vertical striping then it's called "Mackerel" tabby. If it's a pattern of whorls it's "Classic Tabby". There's also Spotted and Ticked Tabby.

    This web site shows examples of each - And notice all the breeds on there - American Curl, American Shorthair, Exotic Shorthair, Bengal, Abyssinian and more. And several cats of no particular breed.

    edit: Mouse - not only are you wrong about "Maine Coon" but "tabbies don't have long hair"? LOL!! The tabby pattern shows up just as much in longhaired cats as it does in shorthaired ones. Perhaps you should refrain from answering questions you clearly don't have a clue about.

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    Wow - interesting looking cat! It's very rare to see a Red cat with blue eyes. She's definitely no particular breed of cat. She'd have to have some sort of pointed cat in her background in order to have blue eyes - Siamese, Himalayan, Ragdoll. I, too, would lean towards Himalayan as she does have a slightly shorter face than most cats. Interesting, too, how she seems to almost have a ruff of fur on her chest but then it isn't a full ruff. Does she have a shorthaired tail or is it thick and fluffy? Can you post pics that show her standing so we can see her full body? If she's friendly she'd be a great cat to show in the Household Pet class at TICA shows. Not even sure what to classify her colour as though. She'd definitely be in the "Pointed" group and closest thing to her colour would be "Flame Point". Ocimom should be able to answer that one - she's even better as colours than I am. I'll link her to this question.

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    Cat With M On Head

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    As a former breeder of Maine Coon cats, tabbies and torbies might have the 'M' on the forehead, but honestly, ANY tabby cat might have the 'M' on its forehead, no matter the breed or mixture of breeds. You can do searches on any type of patterned coat and many cats will show this.I've been to shows where any breed from Siberians, to Bengals to even Oriental Shorthairs have the marks.

    The 'M' on the forehead is a sweet legend that at the Nativity, a mother cat had a litter of kittens in the manger where Jesus was lain; when the mother cat moved in close to see the Baby Jesus, Mary gently touched the cat's forehead to prevent her from getting too close to the sleeping baby, and a soft 'M' was left on the cat's forehead.

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    It's not a breed, it's a basic tabby pattern - tabbies are the ones with stripes, swirls or blotches on their sides, stripes on their legs and tails, and M markings on their foreheads! When I was little, my mother told me M stood for "Magic" and tabbies were magic cats! The breed is most likely Domestic Longhair (DLH), possibly part Maine Coon (if the cat is big and has tufty ears and toes).

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    Tabby isn't the only pattern with an "M" the Egyptian Mau has two different markings; a scarab beetle and an M...and by the way Mau are a pure breed that have been around for thousands of years

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    what breed of cat has an "M" on its head?

    i have 2 cats like that and i dont know what breed they are do olease hhelp the also have really long hair

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    Cats With M On Forehead

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    very pretty cat I love lynx points. She appears to be a domestic medium hair aka a mixed breed or moggie. Her coloring is lynx point also called tabby point meaning she has pointed coloring which is concentrated on the face and extremities and blue eyes (similar to that associate with Siamese cats)

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    Tabby cats have an "M" on their heads. And yes there are long haired tabby cats.

    All tabbies have an 'M' marking on their forehead, and on some this mark is very distinct. The 'M' is often referred to as 'the mark of the true tabby'.

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