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Help with german exchange student?!?


so a german exchange student is coming to live with me on monday.

I need to know some basics phrases, just things she said to me all the time in english, yeh well i need to say it in german.

What would you like to do?

Would you like something to eat or drink?

Are you hungry?

Are you thirsty?

Shall we walk the dogs?

thankyou :]

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    Rather than using the formal 'would like' (moechten), use the formal 'want' (wollen).

    Was willst du tun? (VOSS-VILLST-DU-TOON): What do you want to do?

    Willst du etwas essen? (VILLST-DU-ET-VAHSS-ESSEN): Do you want something to eat?

    Hast du Hunger? (HAHSST-DU-HUNGER): Are you hungry?(literally, 'Do you have hunger?')

    Hast du Durst? (HAHSST-DU-DURST): Are you thirsty? (literally, 'Do you have thirst?')

    Sollen wir einen Spaziergang mit den Hunden machen? (SOLLEN-VEER-EYE-NEN-SCHPATZ-EER-GANG-MIT-

    DEN-HOON-DEN-MAHKEN): Should we take a walk with the dogs?

    The last one's kind of tricky, I know. Good luck with your German exchange student and have fun!

    Source(s): Master's Degree in German and experienced German teacher
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