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When All Americans are driving the New Trabant Electra Car Obama is building, will we have to move to Bolivia?

Bolivia controls the Worlds Lithium resources. And now their General Secretary says, we can not have Electric Cars unless we both mine the Lithium and build the cars in Bolivia

WWOD move Americans to Bolivia or attack them for their Lithium

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Hey Hater:

Here it is Bolivia's Battery Heaven

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    we might have to as Obama motors has ordeed many changes in exchange for some coke

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    How many decades before electric cars are common, nevermind 100%? Yours is kind of a silly question.

    "Lithium does not occur free in nature, but is found combined in small amounts in nearly all igneous rocks and in the waters of many mineral springs. Lepidolite, spodumene, petalite and amblygonite are the more important minerals containing lithium. Large deposits of spodumene are recovered from brines of lakes in California and Nevada, and solid deposits are found in North Carolina. Lithium metal is usually produced electrolytically from the fused chloride."

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    Did we have to move to Saudi Arabia or Iraq because of all the oil they have underground to fuel all the H2 Hummers that Bush made a contribution to GM to buy just to send to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and distribute to wealthy soccer moms across America?

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    Man, wait until Zimbabwe catches on. That idea will spread to cell phones...

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    Obama is so LOVED though...I don't understand this. A foreign power not screaming & swooning when BO blows his nose or wants their resources?

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