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WoW: Best Class for PvP Damage / DPS?

Simple question, what is the best class to own in PvP refering to Damage not healing.

And can warriors cause as much damage as rogues at lvl 80?

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    Right now, the PvP system is biased to favor Paladins and DKs... though patch 3.1 did kind of reduce that. A GOOD rogue can do well if he can manage to keep his target stunlocked, like always.

    And with everything else in WoW, the balance will change as new patches come out. *shrug* play what you love, and play it well. If you don't suck at PvP (like I do LOL) you'll be fine no matter your class.

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    At the moment it seems Melee has an edge over casters but no matter what you choose, Skill > any class.

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    I haven't played for a while...but I'd say Death knights. >.>;

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