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SHOULD I BUY...... Callaway Hyper X Driver 9* (plz read)?

I can buy this driver off a friend for $100 bucks, perfect condition, it retails $199.99 (on sale).

What my concern is, is that its a 9 degrees.

I started playing golf about a year ago, and a golf teacher told me to start of w/ out a driver and use your 3 wood and buy a driver after you master your 3 wood. (so i bought a big bertha 3 wood). & i mastered it!

Now I'm ready for a driver. I can buy this one but I don't know if I should get it cuz it's a 9 degree....

should I buy it for a 100 bucks off him??????????

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    9* might not be enough loft for you... unless you have a very "upercut" type swing... you need to get fitted, check out your local Roger Dunn, Golfsmith, Edwin Watts, etc...

    plus $100 is a rip off.. I would of sold you my FT-5 for $100... checkout www.callawaypreowned.com to get better prices...

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    $100 is a pretty good deal on that driver but it only has one tour win so that should tell you something. My advice is to pay $90 for a brand-new titleist 905R it's the best driver I've ever hit and it has tons of wins on tour. It may be slightly older but guys are still playing it like Robert Karlsson who's inside the top 10 in the world rankings. Get the 905R and you're set my friend. I found them for $89.99 at Golf Galaxy better hurry while they last!!!

    Source(s): Experience. On Titleist Staff
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