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What is the best concealer for DARK circles?

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    Try this one:

    Also look out for the reviews on it like this:

    "I really like this concealer! It goes on very creamy and is easy to blend, and it is not oily. I have not had any problems with the makeup flaking off my face. It covers my dark circles (just pat the makeup into your skin), redness, and blemishes. I apply it over my Ideal Shade foundation and then apply powder over the foundation and concealer. I even use this as an eye base since I have such fair skin and the veins show in my eyelids. I've had no problems with irritation even though I have very sensitive skin. EXCELLENT PRODUCT!"

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    Benefit Boi - ing

    its the only concealer that has worked for my really DARK circles

    covers them all day and 100%

    drugstore concealers will not cover dark circles good enough unless they are really light

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    I use Dream Matte mouse by covergirl

    it works wonders because i stay up late hours of the night and i need a fresh look that's light.

    and to help those dark circles kind of of go away try a nice blush it draws the attention to your cheeks :)

    btw Loreile and maybeline new york is bad for your skin , it's not light it makes your face look packed

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    Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat. Although it does come with a big price tag.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Le Touche Eclait, it's amazing !

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Maybeline liquid concealer,,

    it works wonders & has always worked for me.

    If not try one your dermatologist might recommend

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