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Are We Really "A Pack Of Wolves"?

I've seen a lot of posts lately attacking the "Regs" of the R&P section, I kind of liked the pack of wolves appelation though, it's fits.

What are Your thoughts though, are We really that bad?

BA: Favorite type of cake?

BA2: Favorite alcoholic drink?


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Moving>Packing & Preparation

Wtf? That's a category?

Update 2:

True that Magic

Update 3:

Red velvet cake....nummy

Update 4:


Least I'm not a "Bad Cat Man"

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Update 5:

I like Terminator too, I didn't ask about it though.

Update 6:

One blacktooth coming up

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    We are all terrible people Darth, you didn't already know that? The fact we get along with each other and like to talk about music, is a very good reason to verbally attack everyone in this section. I thought you knew that.

    = P

    BA: Red Velvet

    BA2: Not a drinker...

  • Gail
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    4 years ago

    When I first started working with dogs, "pack leader" wasn't the phrase on the tongue of every person who thought they knew something about dogs. There was no Caesar. I just observed groups of dogs and used what I saw between them as a reference for working with them myself. I never had a real name for it, but simply from observation I had a pretty good grasp on how things worked between dogs and how their body language functioned as a part of that structure. Just by watching, I clearly saw pack dynamics and over time I learned how it worked - and it fascinate me. In the past, I really didn't know how to explain what I saw - it seemed so obvious to me, I didn't understand why other people didn't get it. Now, because these things are so much more mainstream, I have an easier time of explaining it to people. Unfortunately, celebrity ruins everything - and this is no exception. Part of me feels that people like Caesar have taken a good thing and ruined it by celebritizing it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Darth, I often feel I'm a one-woman Wolf pack!

    {which is why it's nice when Lone Wolf drops in, as well as a few others...}

    I think there is more than one set of 'regulars' in R&P ~ the older crowd, and the newer regs. And those who flit between the two, and the 'overnight regs', etc...

    BQ : Either coffee cake, or coconut cake :)

    BQ2 : Wychwood Beer

    Beatle :

    I answered before reading yours ~ yes, two wolves make a pack!

    {{{LW}}} Lovely to see you again, cousin!

    This is a little something a dear R&P friend did for me :

    Youtube thumbnail


  • 1 decade ago

    I've seen a Silver and a Lone one lurking around in here, do two wolves make a pack?

    BA - Spice cake

    BA2 - Dark Beer

    Edit; Speaking of my favorite wolves, Hello Silver and Lone!

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    I'm here, I had to star Bender's question!

    But I think that both sides are to blame, us regs make R&P a bit too much like a clique in high school though, like when we all say "R&P Regs" instead of just "R&P".

    But the casual Rock and Pop fan who comes in and sees this has no right to call out the people who make this area their own. It's kinda like that "fan incident" during the Rays/Red Sox game the other night.

    BA: Red Velvet

    BA: As you know, I'm 17, but from what I've had, I adore champagne.

    *Lol, "I don't know how to move from one house to the other, what do I do? HELP!?"

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think we are more like hyenas. We run in packs, eat the weak, and laugh a lot. We are not bad. It is a bunch of thin-skinned pansies that can't that criticism or a joke.

    BA: Cheesecake(Any type)

    BA2: Margaritas(On the rocks)

  • Ace
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    1 decade ago

    They are just jealous

    BA : German Chocolate

    BA2: Beer

  • *i'm not technically a reg yet..but I'm dag on close!

    I don't think any of the regs are bad! you guys are always helpful and have great opinions.

    BA:White. and I like the one that has all the pretty colors in it! ohohoh and lemon pound cake, and cheese cake.

    I just like all cakes excluding chocolate..unless it's my babushka's german chocolate.

    BA2-don't drink...but vodka it's in my blood.

    *And strawberry daquires but shhhh don't tell my mom :D

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We are more like a pit of vipers than wolves. IMO.

    BA: Chocolate cover Cherry Cake!

    BA2: I'll take a Blacktooth please.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't really think so. I love it here and I have some great contacts who make my days brighter!

    BA: Chocolate....German Chocolate maybe... any chocolate maybe...

    BA2: Blue Hawaiian

    Packing and Preparation - lmao.

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