Are there any houses to rent in the Jupiter Beach area with boat dockage? Near the inlet?


Sorry, should of been more clear. Just looking for a week for vacation. Boat only 18 foot. Thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Are you looking for a stand-alone house or condo? You probably could find one or the other in the area. Of course the ones with dock privileges rent for considerably more than those without. You might also consider renting a place and then renting a dock somewhere else. Dock rentals on their own tend to be easier to find than a house/condo that also has a dock. Also, it would be easier to find a dock to rent with a smaller boat than a larger one. It will also be cheaper as most people price the dock rental based on the length of the boat being docked. For example: $10 a foot per month. So a 21-foot boat might cost $210 a month (based on this equation).

    The other thing you could do, if you have a larger boat, is to moor it (which doesn't cost anything). Then use a smaller boat (inflatable, dinghy, canoe, kayak...) to get to the boat. Just make sure that it's not anchored off in the Channel.

    Source(s): Used to live in Palm Beach County.
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