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PETA & paint on fur coats.?

You know, as much as I dislike PETA, I have to admit it always made me smirk when I heard stories about them throwing paint on fur coats. I'd never destroy someone's property, but I think there's a special place in hell for people who know how the fur is gathered, and yet still buy it.

But now that I'm thinking about it, it's kind of stupid, isn't it? People who buy fur generally have more money than God (or are at least better off than the majority) and buying another coat probably isn't going to break the bank, eh? As much as I hate fur, is PETA doing any real good here, or just exacerbating the problem when the people buy another coat?


It's worth noting that I realize when they do it, it's about the publicity, not the destruction of property as revenge. But still, that has little effect on people who have made up their minds about fur being worth the fashion aspect, innocuous, or evil.

If anything, I don't think it sways people towards realizing it's wrong, it only makes the think PETA supporters are loonies.

Update 2:

Lol. Thanks, Socrates. That was enlightening. Not one person here interprets your machismo as you compensating for something else. Nope. Not one person. *whistles all shifty-eyed*

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    I am a native who comes from the north pole who grew up hunting and wearing fur. I find these ladys wearing fur for fashion quiet hilarious myself. I grew up wearing caribou fur from an animal we used for meat... they wear fur from minks which are like stinky rats. What is so glamorous about wearing a dead stinking rat?

    Even if I do not throw paint on them... I point and laugh.

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    Peta Red Paint

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    This is How RUMORS get started.

    No PETA member threw red paint of someone's fur coat. Years ago there were a "few" animal activists who threw red paint, but they were not PETA members. I have been to tons of Anti fur rallies(including when 1 MIillion people peaceable marched on Washington DC) and I am a PETA member. They were all well organized, peaceful and we handed pamphlets as well as protested in front of fur salons. And Yes we had permits! PETA also had small card handouts which explained where fur coats come from and the suffering the animals go through that you could give to someone wearing a fur coat.

    Bob Barker led one of the rallies we were on and He was a huge supporter and also Believed wearing FUR is completely wrong. At these rallies anyone is welcome and literally thousands of people who are for animal rights show up and they are Not just PETA members. I belive there are also "fake" protesters who cause most of the disruptions and problems.

    You may not like all that PETA does, but their intention is still to stop animal cruelty and their number way to do this is through education in the schools. Before you judge you should actually ask. I find it surprising you are talking about this issue now when first it is not fur season and two that incident happened so many years ago? Are you just trying to get people to believe more PETA BS? I do not know what you believe to be true about PETA, but yes there are tons of false rumors put out about them because they are the most influential Animal Rights organization. Look at the membership sometime and maybe you will wonder why they have so many celebrities and congressman backing them if they did even 1/2 of what people accuse them of. I think fur wearing is beyond disgsuting and I still do not know anyone who would throw paint on a person. I do remember a few double way stick tapes being stuck with sayings to the back of the coats of several fur wearers..... that was kind of funny( and did not do any permanent damage except perhaps to their pride)!

    Vegan Forever

    Source(s): EDIT: To the one who believes she is a liken to a cavewoman I do suggest she and her fur coat return to living in the caves! No electricity, no running water water or AC etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc..... Since people lived that way once upon a time and It was normal for it's day. I have often felt that cavemen and dinosuars died off and so will the those who believe wearing fur TODAY is acceptable! AND People do not just go back out and buy another fur for $20-$40, 000 dollars. Unless you are talking about a cheap rabbit coat. They would try to have it cleaned.
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    I used to be a PETA supporter and I don't wear fur. But I think where they go wrong is using a 'make enemies, not friends' tactic. Education proves itself much more useful than ruining clothes and bringing upon hatred that might lead to the purchase of another fur coat. Handing out pamphlets never hurt anyone, and might even convert a few people along the way. The word PETA itself has come to raise strong emotions from most Americans, whereas other animal care organizations such as the ASPCA are thought of as helpful and nice. PETA should try to be more like those other organizations; extremists just give a bad name for the entire group as a whole (see: 9/11 attackers)

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    It makes PETA look crazy. People generally associate vegans/vegetarians with PETA, so then it also makes V&Vs look crazy. Plus just as you stated it just creates a little bit more demand for fur coats because they are just going to go out and buy another.

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    I think throwing paint serves no purpose... you can get your point across with a dirty look or a loud comment about animal suffering or something like "only mean people wear fur"

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    "if any one threw paint on my fur/leather coat, i would walk up to them, and pistol whip them with my .45 ACP desert eagle. no one touches my clothes. and then i would sue them for assualt, vandalism, and emotional trauma."

    Assault*, and then I'd sue you back for battery, assault and probably an unlicensed firearm.

    They also do make paint without animal by products in it, which I'm sure you knew, was just throwing it out there.

    Source(s): vegetarian and peta supporter
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    I think PETA is just exacerbating the problem. If I were rich and the sort of person who wears fur, I wouldn't stop just 'cause some whack-jobs ruined my favorite fur coat. I'd buy ten more, and I would antagonize them whack-jobs as often as possible.

    And, though PETA gets publicity from it, I think it's fair to say the publicity they get is almost always negative. Especially in the eyes of the general public.

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    i agree with you. on all points. ive often thought that if they could buy a fur, theyd buy a replacement.

    and in regard to the animal rights point of view on being vegan:

    ive also thought about how hard we try to find vegan options at restaurants, fast food joints and in grocery stores, while forgetting that just because were not eating a meat product doesnt mean the business is making any less money. we're still supporting them.

    just sayin...

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    I think they would do a lot more good if they would try to educate the public about how leather is made, and how many synthetics are out there. If I didn't know a thing about the leather industry, some kids splashing paint on somebody's fur coat wouldn't stop me from buying leather. I would just sue their *** if they did that to me. But since I know that animals are skinned alive and basically tortured, I will never buy leather.

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