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How many seeds are there in a dandelion?

Does anyone know how many seeds are there in a dandelion?

If you know any other dandelion facts please write them, my daughter needs to find out some facts for her homework :)

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    I quote from Sir Edward Salisbury's classic book Weeds and Aliens: "Common Dandelion produces fruit-heads that contain up to 400 or more fruits, but the average is 180. (In one season it is) .. usually about 2000."

    You will note that each 'seed' is technically a fruit.

    The word dandelion is generally thought to be derived from the French 'dente de lion' (lions' tooth) and refers to the jagged shape of the leaf. The common dandelion is divided into 'micro-species' of which 226 are currently recognised in the British Isles.

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    There might be a difference in the weight of the seeds if you can find a sensitive enough balance to weigh them. I would suggest checking with a chemistry instructor, especially if you know of someone who teaches analytical chemistry - the balances for a course such as this typically measure to 1/1,000 of a gram. These balances are completely enclosed because air movement (and the absorption of humidity by dessicated chemicals) can affect the readings. It would beat having to dissect each seed, although you should probably do a sample of the seeds to identify fertilized/mature, fertilized immature, and unfertilized after the seeds have been weighed.

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