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Is sod hard to install?

I am just getting ready to put my house on the market but before I sell I want to fix the grass where my dog has been going to the bathroom and has killed the grass. I was thinking of putting sod down in this small area (10' X 7' area) but is that a good quick fix for this kind of situation? Or am I better off planting grass seed, I see there is a "Pennington - Dog Spot Remover Kit" which is grass seed designed for pet damaged areas, does this work good/grow fast?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    sod is very easy to install, and establishes itself much more quickly than grass seed.

    First step is to prep the area - it's the same for grass seed or sod..

    ■Loosen the top 2 to 3 inches of soil with a rake or rototiller if the soil is hard compacted from the dogs.

    ■Break up soil clumps, remove rocks and debris.

    ■ Amend the soil. Mix some lime and a small bag of manure or topsoil into the soil, to reduce the acidity of the soil where the dogs were.

    ■Rake smooth and level. Make sure the area will slightly slope any water run off away from the house foundation.

    ■ Water dirt lightly with a fine spray sprinkler head, just before installing the sod or seed.

    ■ Next add the grass seed or sod.

    The sod easily unrolls, and you need a knife to cut the sod to stagger the sod lines across the yard, similar to how a wood floor is installed. after the sod is laid, then roll it or walk over the sod several times it to make sure the sod's roots have good contact with the soil. put the rolled sod in place and unroll on the ground, straighten out rolls as needed.

    ■ Water sod or seed after installation.

    ■ Water daily morning and night

    Sod looks great immediately and within 2 weeks it is usually rooted into the soil.

    Grass seed can take 2 weeks to germinate and several more weeks until it is ready to mow, plus you will probably have some weeds growing into the newly seeded lawn..Seed is less expensive and requires more overall attention with slower results. If you're a short time to selling, sod is absolutely the way to go.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Get some local professional advice, while resisting a hard-sell. "Mountain soil" is really pretty general. Yeah, there may seem like lots of rocks, but don't know what you're used to. Don't forget climate - mountain weather - is just as real. Consider that Mother Nature didn't provide turf grass growing naturally there. So you're going to be fighting to bring in a little ecosystem from somewhere else. If there's an excavated basement under the house, it suggests the ground is workable. Since it seems you've already done everything, amending the soil with or without a tiller would be more difficult, but I would at least top-dress the ground with maybe 1/2 to 1" of blended dirt, composted manure, peat moss, give sod roots a better chance than hard rocky soil. Do not get just "top soil" which is fine for filling holes, but is otherwise just "dirt" with no real value.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sod is not hard to install, but it needs to be babied for a few weeks in order to take root properly. Basically, the same applies to the seed. I think either way will work fine.

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  • carol
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    no it is easy go for it good luck

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