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Ladies: Have you ever apologized to ease the tension, even though we're never wrong?

I mean, it's good to keep our men thinking that they're in control.

Poll: A)Pout and make him apologize or apologize, B) kill him with kindness, and get some special attention?

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    Q. Sleep on the couch and ignore him EVEN if he hasn't done anything wrong to make him feel bad and he may bring you a sham wow after work...

    Source(s): It worked last week for me!
  • Angie
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    1 decade ago

    Well, considering I'm always wrong...I always apologize.

    However, on the rare occasions that my husband was actually wrong, I was the one to apologize. I just want to be okay...and will apologize to keep the peace and feel him next to me. He used to hold a grudge for days...although now days he's doing a lot better.

    When my husband makes me really upset, I do the whole kill him with kindness bit. Just the price you pay for being a wife. He puts up with me, so I put up with him. Its only fair.

  • 4 years ago

    *Sigh* I've done that, just to avoid arguments, usually when I'm tired and can't be bothered. Doesn't make it right. I just do that sometimes. Heck; most of these petty arguments dont mean anything anyway. Why bother fighting about it?

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    I say Im sorry ALL the time without meaning it. Its a character flaw.

    B. Anything that ends in "special attention" is worth a fake apology.

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    C) Pout and go lock myself in the bedroom, only apologize for what I have done and so should he. He can only control me with his winkie, for that I am weak.

    Additional Info: Down JJ,simmer, simmer!

  • 1 decade ago

    i rarely apologize i usually pout and get what i want then the SPECIAL attention comes :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I apologize all the time, mostly for being born and breathing the same air.

    Source(s): I'm sorry! ~shoots self~
  • I don't have a man of my own. I'd try different ways to keep him happy I think. Maybe I'd let him work at keeping me happy for a change.

  • neither, i dont believe that men should think they're in control.

    hes the one that has to apologize and killl me with kindness.

    dont be weak ladies...stand up for yourselfs.

  • Boots
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    1 decade ago

    yup yup ya kinda got to cause they will never admit THEY were wrong!!!

    A and B at the same time...Im good like that!

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