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Are any closing documents requried to be sent to IRS to claim Home Buyer's Tax Credit?

My wife and I just purchased a house and are filing an amended return to get our stimulus payment of $8,000 now rather than waiting until next year.

Our question is do we need to send in any of the closing documentation with our amended return to show proof that we purchased a house?

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    I strongly recommend sending them a copy of he HUD-1.

    Be sure to go directly to the IRS site, and talk to an accountant:,,id=204671,0...

    Here's a good summary

    The IRS want to know the purchase price. The purchase price is the adjusted basis of your home on the date you purchased it. This includes certain settlement or closing costs (such as legal fees and recording fees) and your down payment and debt (such as a first or second mortgage or notes you gave the seller in payment for the home).

    Email me if you have questions.

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    You have to show proof of closing and how much you bought the home for to make sure how much you qualify for! I sent in a copy of my closing statement and I just received my check in the mail. I amended my return and received my check in just under 8 weeks.

    Source(s): The irs website
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    Not technically. If this was your original return efiled you wouldnt be able to. Since you have to mail it in I would send a copy of your closing paper anyway. This way they dont contact you later asking for it and your refund may come sooner.

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    I would go to the IRS website and look there for the home buyer tax credit and see if it says there what you need. or call the IRS or a tax professional.

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    No, not unless they ask for them after you file.

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