Where is a good place to live cheaply?

I have saved up USD $20000 over the last few years of work and now I want to start my own web business.

In my country I could last for a year on those savings, but if I move overseas I could perhaps last longer and so have more time to build my business (and travel!).

My priorities:

- cheap cost of living

- fast internet connection

- friendly locals

- safe for foreigners

- ideally able to get by on English

- non Muslim country

So, what country would you suggest and why? And how long do you estimate my savings would last?

I am particularly interested if you have first hand experience living in the country you suggest.


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    1 decade ago
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    In the.... In the.... In the In the Projects , yea in the projects

  • 1 decade ago

    Philippones. Specifically Iloilo City or Bacolod.

    Friendly English speaking Natives and safe.

    Internet speeds up to 586k availible for $60 a month, $20 fosr 386k. Reliable.

    Never seen a mosque or any muselums here. Lots of catholic and other churches here.

    Cheap cost of living. You should be able to live comfortably on $600 a month. Maybe less all depends on your lifestyle.

    Tourist visa extensions up to 24 months availible. Aprox cost is $30 per month.

    I would estimate your savings alone would last 2-3 years consrevatively.

    Source(s): USN Retired, Married and Living in Iloilo City since 2002. www.livinginthephilippines.com
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    1 decade ago

    Congratulations for your great saving and hard work lot of my friends went to the Bahamas at the begining every thing was great '' but later they found out lot of problems with the internet service is super expensive and terrible food quality lot of huslers and Bahamians hate foreingers i was there and got rip off. in all the places i been on the caribbean there is lot of crime the safest on was Puerto Rico with great internet services if you move to a tourist area is great but a little expensive but worth it for a internet business. good luck '' Mexico,Jamaica,Bahamas very dangerous.

    Source(s): experience traveler
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