How is swine flue different from Bird Flue? What are their?

respective countries of Origin?

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    Bird flu is actually a bird's flu that has been transmitted to a human being. After this transfer, the virus of the bird flu mutated to contain genes from the human flu virus. This allowed it to be spread by human contact. It was initially discovered in China. On the other hand, swine flu is actually a swine's/ pig's flu by itself. As speculated by scientist, a pig was infected by a bird flu while also having a swine flu at the same time. The virus mutated to contain genes of both flu. This mutated swine/bird flu virus entered a human being which had a human flu ongoing. The virus again mutated to contain human flu virus genes. As such, recent research shows that the 8 genetic codes of the swine flu (H1N1, correctly called) has 1 avian flu gene, 2 swine flu gene and 5 human flu gene. Its is more of a human flu in itself. The recent swine flu outbreak in humans started in Mexico.

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    Swine Flu originates from pigs.. But this strand of Swine Flu that's being tossed around is a mutation of that in which it contains both human flu and avian flu strands.

    This time it originated in Mexico.

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    Swine flu is 1/3 Bird flu, so there symtoms are pretty similar - Bird flu in china and swine flu in mexico.

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    h1n1 is mexico bird flu china

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