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Introduction of China





系一個Background Information


time - 1949-2009

person - 呢60年黎既統治者.

place - 當然系中國

topic - 和諧社會 .


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    Be it desirable or not, Mao Zedong established his legacy successfully. From the Five-Year Plan to his little Red Book, Mao has greatly influenced the operation of politics in contemporary China. One of the best examples would be the practice of generating Thought(s)(Si xiang) /Theories by the top central leaders. From Deng Xiaoping's Four Modernization, Jiang Zemin's 'The Three Represents', to the present Hu Jintao's 'Harmonious society', all of them show a continuation of Mao's legacy. Nevertheless, these "thoughts" are not meaningless political slogans; instead, they are responses to the most urging problems that China is/was facing.

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    我想是交功課用的吧? 那就再說多一兩句. 一段好的introduction, 除了開首的用幾句來交代背景資料外, 最重要的便是告訴讀者你之後想在篇文做什麼.

    以這篇為例, 如果是我做的話, 在我那段文字之後, 我會加一些好像是:"In this essay I am going to discuss/ explore/ argue for......." 之類的句子. 這樣, 便有望取得高分.

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